MIDI foot pedal

On paper it looks like just about the perfect foot controller platform, and would solve a bunch of little inconveniences in my setup (on top of needing a second foot controller, which is the main thing) and looks like it would be a pretty straightforward, affordable build.

But does it actually work well?


First time I am seeing this but I just ordered one of the supported dev boards and will let you know how it goes once I get it built. Looks really good as far as interface, programming and flexibility.

I recently built a teensy-based midi foot-switch / expression pedal controller.

on the back there are also TRS jacks that allow some of the switches to also control analog synths. There is also a toggle switch on the back that adapts the foot-switch midi behavior to be either on-off toggles or triggers

the source code is at ~philomates/midi-foot-pedal - sourcehut git and is adapted from work shared in DIY midi controller newbie thread - #4 by Cutlasses and 17 - Diy Teensy midi controller - #12 by thopa



Just adding this to the stream of ideas- these adapters can make any switch/pedal into a midi controller- simple and cost effective.