MIDI generating iOS apps?

I’ve been having some fun this weekend running Fugue Machine into a Prophet 12, and it got me wondering, what other midi-generating iOS apps are out there that you all like?

Are there any apps out there that rival grid apps like flin or parc?

Besides Fugue Machine, I’ve also looked at Arpeggionome and Sound Prism, but both of those are pretty straight forward.

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noatikl comes to mind. It is not necessarily the most immediate tool but it is fairly deep. The iOS version has most of the capabilities of the desktop version.

I like chord bot for structuring ideas to export midi. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.


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Does Chordbot do real-time performance at all? Seems like it could be useful for some things if it does.

@ngwese Noatikl looks intriguing, but also looks super complicated. From the videos, it looks more like a sound generator than a MIDI controller? Have you used it for much? Does it have much stylistic variance?

I really like Xynthesizr – MIDI routing is pretty robust, Link as well. I just wish you could do polyrythmic tracking with it, but possibly that’ll come with another update.


yep, +1 for this - I rather enjoyed how it lets you quite easily start with pre-programmed step sequencing and then slowly let it evolve over time, rather than just having to start from pure randomness.

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Ohhhh yeah. Xynthesizr is turning out to be really nice. The life-like evolution seems like it will fit in nicely with what I’m looking for.

I picked up Chordbot too, but I didn’t realize that it doesn’t actually have real-time MIDI output, only after-the-fact exporting to a daw, which is a bit frustrating. But it does seem useful from a songwriting perspective


Apps such as Lemur and Touch OSC are pretty nice, they pretty much allow you to make any MIDI device.

just saw this the other day. looks nice and simple and fun:


some friends of mine made this one


I love Brom Bos’s Rozeta:
Many different sequencers and MIDI modulators there, as AUv3 plugins.

StepPolyArp is a fantastic sequencer and arpeggiator.

ScaleBud helps with scales and chords


Parat+ is awesome for sending CCs. :grinning:

I’ve always had a soft spot for NodeBeat – kind of like midi generating wind chimes.

The new Physicle plugin is good too-- like Tombola on the OP-1


Necro thread I know but as its bubbled back up to the surface today, its worth mentioning that Noatikl is no more and has been rolled up into Wotja

Same depth, huge potential for generating multichannel midi and now incorporates scripting, both in desktop AND iOS versions if you want to dive deep.

Physicle rules. The gravity mode was a great addition to an already fun app. I’m a fan anything pseudo-aleatory, and the bouncing ball screensaver mode is a good way to make up melodies without plinking around on the keys.

They list midi as “experimental” but I loooooove this quirky old app: http://www.binaura.net/apps/soundbow/

Ribn is great. Cool to use with the OP-Z

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Patterning 2 was just released.

Just starting to scratch the surface of Bram Bos’ Mozaic, a scriptable AUv3 midi generator/filter/interface



Promoting my own stuff again I’m afraid

I have two apps out (they are under my partners name if you were wondering)

Autony - the UI is now a bit nicer than it was in this video!


Working on a third as well which hopefully out within the month