MIDI generating iOS apps?

That’s exciting news!

yes Cality
so good
and thanks to @brambos we also got access to Mozaic apps like these…
sounds a little something like this

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Oh hey, I love these apps, and had no idea they were yours. Great work!


thank you - did a bit on app number 3 as well today - hopefully out this month


Stumbled across this AU midi plugin called Physicles and had some fun with it. It’s free too


I’m looking for an app that can send midi cc values slaved to an LFO (similar to Logic Pro’s “Modulator”). Use case in mind: Midi-capable guitar pedals; modulating specific knobs in random ways. Anyone have an app in mind that will do this well?

The Rozeta Suite from Bram Bos has an LFO au. 3 independent LFO’s that each send out a CC.


Mozaic can also send out LFO values as CC’s. I think it supports up to 16 LFO’s per each instance.



These look terrific. Thank you for the reply!

Ribn is also super handy for this!

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Is there a good way to figure out what the cc values are for the target parameters, or is it just a matter of trial and error?

I should probably rtfm…

If you use AUM for midi routing and control, you can set any parameter to receive any cc.


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Yep in AUM I usually just tell the receiving device to listen to the LFO au, disable the two LFO’s I’m NOT wanting to assign to the control, and then tap the learn button.

(…at least as far as using the Rozeta LFO device goes…)


In general I think you’ll find iOS to be a very midi friendly environment.

I need to share the fact that I was sitting here losing my damn mind because I couldn’t get AUM to actually send midi. It was because I hadn’t hit “play” :rofl:

Anyway, all is working wonderfully, and my phone is successfully controlling BIM. Now onto pedals.

This is fun, thanks again ya’ll.

EDIT: I should add that I’m using an IK Multimedia iRig Midi 2 to interface between my phone and the real world (if this is what that is),

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I am just an artist - critical one - of all app mentioned, this app is best and I immediately bought it after I watched a bit video of it on Youtube - GREAT App.

So good> Llllllllllines ricks again

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