MIDI internal routing tutorial

from 2011:

i’m curious if there is any updated MIDI tips that should be added here. anyone have suggestions?


I am using LoopBe on Windows these days. Otherwise the Mac-specific info about IAC seems current. Might be nice to talk a bit about serialosc apps that output MIDI?

LoopBe virtual MIDI for Windows:

Maybe midi clock sync via lan/wlan could be helpful!?
There has bee a good tutorial, but i can’t find it anymore…
just found this…

I’ve found the Midi Monitor app to be extremely helpful when Shit Just Isn’t Working™.


AFAIK, IAC Busses are still the de facto standard for internal routing on Mac. Any custom configuration beyond that seems to depend heavily on which environments are being connected (which is to say, in this case, probably which DAW Max is talking to)


Is there a link to the Mabalhabla software anywhere?

Here is mabalhabla