Midi Keyboard not recognised by Ansible

I’m trying to plug an Akai LPK25 keyboard into Ansible. The keyboard shows it is receiving power but no response from Ansible, no orange light, nothing. I’ve reinstalled the firmware, and powered the little keyboard by battery, still no luck.

Wondering if there is a simple solution.

I took a quick look at the details for that keyboard - best I can tell it most likely does implement the standard USB MIDI Device class interface. What I couldn’t find were any details on is the power draw (likely not a problem with something that small).

I have this vague recollection that someone else reported problems with an AKAI keyboard and ansible back a year or two ago but the forum search isn’t finding anything.

Do you have a macOS computer by chance? If so could you plug-in that keyboard into your computer, open the “System Information” application, and then click on the USB info in the side bar? If you expand the device tree to find your keyboard could you paste a screenshot of the devices tree here?

Hi @ngwese,

Thanks for getting back to me. Here you go:



If anyone has a midi keyboard working successfully with Ansible please let me know what it is !

I did a bit more research and didn’t come up with any new ideas.

The keyboards / MIDI interfaces I have personally tested include:

  • Novation SL MkII
  • Roland UM-ONE mkII
  • iConnectivity mio2
  • iConnectivity mio 1x1
  • c-thru-music Axis-49

I have also tested the following and confirmed they don’t fully work (USB communications crashes after a period of time):

  • ROLI lightpad block
  • ROLI seaboard block

There have been scattered reports of certain USB-MIDI devices not working despite the fact that they implement the standard USB-MIDI device class. Without hardware to test with it is extremely difficult to diagnose. Generally speaking the problematic USB devices often expose both MIDI and non-MIDI USB endpoints which confuses the detection logic on ansible.

Thanks again. I just got hold of an MK 425 and plugged it in. It works ! So the problem was the little Akai keyboard which for some reason doesn’t. A shame but wonderful to now have found something that does.


I am trying to find a compact MIDI keyboard to use with Ansible. An Akai LPK25 would be perfect but doesn’t work. An Evolution MK-425 does work but is bigger than what I’m looking for. I’d be interested to know what other keyboards people have successfully used with Ansible.



You might want to look at the Ansible: help and issues thread.

I’m surprised the LPK25 isn’t working. I’m using a cheap Akai MPK49 with no problems. Looks like you aren’t the first to have issues with that particular keyboard model.

Edit: lol I linked your own thread, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s a recurring theme !

I can confirm that the Arturia Keystep works with USB.