MIDI Mixer One

Inspired by all the minimal MIDI controllers being built here I decided to build something a bit less minimal for my own setup. I wanted to have a mixer / Ableton Live controller with no scene switching and a nice solid feel. Also, it was fun to make :slight_smile:

Details and source on GitHub

Huge thanks to @tehn for sharing the Four-N design and @infovore for helping out with advice and suggestions.

I’m building up a few more of these, let me know if you’re interested. I’d also love to hear if people have suggestions for places to manufacture a full metal enclosure which could be a nice enhancement (but likely expensive!)


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this looks like a very decent device

This is very cool! how exactly are you using it? I see the labels on the bottom of it, you have it connected to your bugbrand and serge somehow thru ableton

your post is missing the nsfw tag. that is one beautiful piece of machinery. dare i ask what kind of switches are on the keys?


Thanks all!

I’m using it in a classic mixer setup with Ableton – 8 channels of level, pan, EQ and sends plus some transport controls etc on the keys.

Cherry MX switches. I have clears on this one but might do black on future builds. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Just got mine!!

@markeats did a super job on this and was so kind and patient while i slowwwwly made my selections for the colorway


I still need to order the parts for mine :sweat:


Love the OP1 color scheme.

v2.0.0 firmware is up now! Adds the ability to use a new web config tool to set MIDI channels, CCs, etc.

Details on the wiki page.


Nice! I still need to finish putting mine together :sob:

I was wondering, how hard would it be to add a midi trs out to the existing board?

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You could maybe build a little extension board and wire it in to the Teensy. Not something I’ve tried myself though.

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at long last… I’m almost finished with my midi mixer one.
Just waiting for the faceplate to finish being cut and I still need to find some keycaps.

thanks @markeats


Wow these look great and super handy, worth filing away for a possible future build :face_with_monocle:

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nice work on the config tool!


thanks so much for building this web config tool.
i was just trying to set up my Mixer One to send CCs on different channels:
knob 1 - 5 = channel 1
knob 6-10 = channel 2

but after updating it looks like they are still sending on channel 16?
i set global to “none”

Sounds right. When you disconnect/reconnect the controller, reload the config tool and request the settings back do they look correct still or are they not actually getting saved?

requested settings show the correct midi channels, but mapping in software shows they are all still sending on the same channel.