MIDI Mixer One

Not in the current web tool – it wouldn’t be crazy to add though. I’d suggest doing it there and saving as a json or similar rather than dealing with the raw data from the teensy personally.

What’s the aprox cost of this project, including ordering the PCB? ~$300?

Curious as well, I guess I missed this thread the first time around.

Does anybody have a Mouser cart with the BOM or is it a situation where I’m bouncing between there, Thonk, and other suppliers?

It always comes down to quantity – if you’re just buying the parts for one I think you’ll be closer to $400.
The front and back panels are a place where you can affect the price a lot though.

I just finished building one recently, and it works great!

I have a few extra PCBs if anyone wants one (shipping costs only), i’m in east coast US but i’m happy to ship anywhere, although experience says it’s cheaper to get 5/10 done from china than to ship a single one from the US to the world… (edit: all gone!)

As for cost/parts, here was my “going super cheap” breakdown (usd, all including shipping):

  • PCBs from jlcpcb (5 boards): $27
  • 50x RV09-style pots from aliexpress: $7 (had to drill the press-fit leg holes wider for these)
  • 40x pot knobs from aliexpress: $16 (i don’t even know if i wanna use these, i actually like the look and feel of the RV09s, i’m weird like that)
  • 20x cherry mx switches from aliexpress: $12
  • A bajillion clear oem-style keycaps from aliexpress: $26
  • Teensy LC from 3dMakerWorld: $17 (i bought these one last year before they were unobtanium, but i recently got one for another project for ~$28 from tinkersphere)
  • ICs/passives/standoffs/etc: $15-20 from digikey (i bundled with other stuff i was buying)

All in all, i spent around $125 on it, so it can be done on the cheap(ish)! If you only stick to thonk or tayda or somesuch, the cost probably triples, though.

I’ll probably add some acrylic panels or maybe i’ll 3d print something at home, that’s honestly the most expensive part, anywhere from $30 to $200, from what i’ve seen.

Cheers to @markeats for the great work!


Finally finished my build


Nice. Looks like you also slimmed it down.
Such a great controller.

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Yup I just gave the bottom the same margin as the other sides

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Yeah. I did the same.

I like your color scheme too.

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