Midi Programming Monome Fourths and Semitones - Earthsea Introduction

Hey guys!

So, I like to use my monome (40h) as a simple midi device for composing within Ableton. However, having watched the Earthsea Introduction video, I see that it is programmed to key fourths vertically and semitones horizontally.

Is there anyway in which I can have this set up (vertical fourths, horizontal semitones) for composition via midi? I’m pretty new to coding software, so any advice would be great.


Polygnome gives you basically all divisions of key either vertically or horozontily, then let’s you filter the notes through many different scales. All the while acting as a 8 (or 16) step sequencer/arpeggiator

there are many apps that will allow you to use the monome as a composing surface. insanity will allow you to configure the grid in any way you like. monome base also has a very simple app to enter values for each button.
I don’t use it, but I believe stretta’s BEAP m4l modules are setup to do all of this and more from within ableton quite easily.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon! I’ll have a look at each of these.

Perfect! I love this patch: although, I wish I knew how to add new sets of scales, but the ones in there are very helpful as it is. Any idea how to do that?

I now have it automatically launch when I open Live, so that’s pretty sweet :smiley: