MIDI to Norns script parameter automation M4L device

Ever wish @eigen’s Norns OSC Control M4L device allowed you to specify custom OSC parameters? Or maybe you tried using Ableton Live’s built-in OSC Send only to discover it remaps incoming data to always send values between 0.0 - 1.0?

Here’s a simple M4L device for you:

Get it here: MIDI CC to OSC for Monome Norns version 1.0 by rplktr on maxforlive.com


  • Maps the most common expression controls found in MIDI controllers (among the ones that aren’t tied to note-on and note-off events)
  • Allows for scaling of incoming MIDI integers (0-127) into arbitrary output, like -1.0 to 1.0 for panning or 0.0 to 5000.0 for filter cutoff
  • Comes pre-mapped for Awake synth parameters so you can record some automation in Live to keep your long-running loops evolving
  • Of course, will work with any other script’s parameters


Not convinced this is interesting? Here I’m controlling Awake’s synth parameters live with a mod wheel, expression pedal, volume fader, and a sustain pedal. This is recorded as I’m playing it:

Quite amazing how much tonal depth there is in the welcome script for Norns!

How to find the needed parameter name?

To discover what names they have, go to PARAMETERS on Norns, select MAP, and find the parameter you like.

You address the parameter by its name prepended with /param/. For example, in Awake you’d go to PARAMETER > MAP > halfsecond to find delay_rate. If you want to use it with the MIDI mod wheel, put /param/delay_rate as the parameter name in the MIDI to OSC plugin.

Other things this could do but doesn’t

  • doesn’t read LSB values for any of the parameters since my controllers don’t send them
  • doesn’t slew sent parameter changes
  • doesn’t discover what the min and max input value range is
  • doesn’t poll nor show what the current values for the OSC params are on Norns
  • doesn’t provide knobs for UI tweaking of the values
  • doesn’t allow customizing incoming CCs (but you can use my MIDI CC Translator M4L Device in front of this one for that)
  • doesn’t allow for MIDI channel selection
  • doesn’t allow for bypassing some of the MIDI CCs

I’d accept those improvements if anybody feels adventurous. I’m also an M4L noob so the device might not be patched in the cleanest way internally. But if I waited until the “good-to-haves” are implemented and my experience level with M4L increases, I’d probably never release this. So here you go!