Midi value converter box?

anyone know of a hardware unit that can take incoming midi note / cc values and remap them to different notes / ccs?

i have two devices that send and receive midi, but neither can be reprogrammed. i know i can route communications through my laptop and use a plugin / patch / app - but am hoping there is a simple, small standalone box that does this.

I haven’t used one of these myself, but I suspect it might do what you need: https://www.bome.com/products/bomebox

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Maybe check this out
Would imagine it can do what you need, plus a host of other things

thanks! midipal (and it’s variants) looks like a promising lead. seems the filter only supports 4 remappings, but with open firmware that might be easy to tweak.

also thinking this might not be that hard to diy with a teensy.

in the mean time, i found a very elaborate midi re-routing app for ios called midiflow. will try it out with my midi interface and phone.

Here you go: