Midigrid: use launchpads & midi grid controllers with Norns

I’ve experienced the same problem (both with mlr and mlre) using the launchpad mini mk2. The switch page buttons on the launchpad only shifts to the corresponding pages if followed by a press on any of the pads. A problem with this is that the pad you press will also be activated when the page switches. My simple workaround to this in mlr was to press a pad that doesn’t affect what’s going on when playing the script. What I did was:

Switch to page 2: Press page 2 button, followed by pad no 5 from top left corner
Switch to page 1: Press page 1 button, followed by pad no 1, 2 or 3 from top left corner (depending on which of the three views rec-cut-clip you want to jump back to)

With two launchpads you can eliminate the problem completely though, and also make use of the alt functions. I’m currently using 2x mk2 pads with mlre and that works very well.


Thanks for your reply! That´s a great idea, to press these buttons (no 5 and no 1 or 2) and I´m happy, that it´s not my fault.
I think, that I will buy a second launchpad, too. It´s so much more fun. Thanks!

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Out of curiosity, has anyone looked at adding support for the Polyend Play? I picked one up recently and realized it has a Grid 256 embedded in it! I started down the road of opening it up in a midi debugger to see how it implements the grid but unfortunately, it looks like without a firmware update from Polyend enabling it as a generic MIDI grid, I can’t think of a way it could be used as a traditional MIDI grid for this reason:

  • Unlike in other instruments, in Polyend Play, you are selecting the MIDI Channel and output type (MIDI TRS and/or USB) per step, not per track. While in MIDI sequencing mode, use the Sample/Folder knob to adjust these settings.


So far, it appears to only send MIDI if a) it’s being clocked either internally or external b) the sequencer is running and steps are selected

I am not super familiar with MIDI but I might be wrong (I hope I am!)

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