Midiosc - a serialosc clone for midi


Like serialosc, but for midi.

I created a Java swing clone of serialosc. It listens on port 12002 and translates midi note messages to grid OSC messages for 64 and 128h grids and vice versa. I hope you like it.


  1. A grid midi controller with 64-128 note on/off buttons
  2. Java 8 or newer


I put together a small user guide on my website https://www.sitstaycreate.com/midiosc


v1.0.0 - GitHub - SitStayCreate/midiosc: Like serialosc, but for midi - (it’s the .jar file)

UPDATE: 06/12/21 v1.1.0 is almost finished. This version will have a GUI for people who are looking for something to click on with their mice.


Project update: I released v1.1.0 sometime last summer, but failed to update my post. In that time, I created some other Max projects which I will share in their own threads soon. My website was down for a few months, but is live again. I have finished migrating it from AWS to a static Github pages site. I ran out of free tier and also went over budget, so in the interest of finding a sustainable solution in terms of time and money I have decided poor performance is better than months long outages.

Here’s an updated link: Midiosc