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Hey all! Figured I would let you know about my newest release, Mike’s Machine Music Meditations, by Michael Southern. It’s the third release in my series of machine music meditations on my new label Highest Universal Principle. This one focuses on my continued explorations and experiments with FM synthesis, ambient, silly, fun new age music gobbledygook. Made with Elektron model:cycles, model cycles, Digitone, Yamaha reface dx, Korg volca FM, microkorg, Roland TR-707, Sound Devices 702 and a Tascam Porta One. Please give it a listen if you are so inclined and if you do I hope you enjoy! Thanks! Much Love!

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This has been really great to listen to: lots of textures and rhythms that feel fresh and innovative. Also really love the positive and open-hearted vibe of your description and entire being!
Hope it’s ok to offer one suggestion, I find myself craving a slight bit more hi-frequency material(not sure if the porta one tamed a bit of it, but when using tape, could be just a slight adjustment to EQ that can bring out just a bit more activity in the highs… i realize this is also the juicy beauty of tape, i like that too, but perhaps just a slight tweak could add more liveliness), and most of all: detailed stereo placement. This can better reflect the ebullient spirit with which you created this music(which i can definitely hear as is, just feel it could come out even more), will make the sound jive more within this ‘open-hearted space’.
Might even be that with simple stereo placement, the sounds will breathe more within the space of the mix and the highs which already exist will come out more naturally(give the mix space to breathe and it will honor the entire frequency spectrum :smiley:).
I’m not the best at wording suggestions/criticism, hope it’s helpful, though, i really love the music overall(bought and added to my collection), it’s very playful and in this way explores so much delightfully innovative techniques, movements, and progressions :heart:


Hey raja, Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words and suggestions, and thank you so, so much for listening to and buying my album! It really means the world to me! Thanks for your suggestions about the high frequencies. I spend a good deal of time trying to get things sounding how I like them, and I definitely do enjoy a more muffled sound, but I will take your suggestion to heart and will experiment with bumping up the high end a little. I also always tell myself I should do more with stereo but I’m such a sucker for mono. I record almost everything in mono for several reasons and I love the simplicity of a mono recording but your comment has inspired me to mess around with stereo a little more. we’ll see how it goes. Thank you so much for your critique. It’s very rare that I receive any feedback to my music let alone such insightful and helpful suggestions such as yours. It tells me you actually listened and enjoyed it and want to help me out and I am beyond grateful for that! As a musician who makes rather unusual musics all I ever want and hope for is for people to actually listen to it so thank you for doing that. I am super happy you enjoy it! Hope all is well! Much Love! :heart:


I really enjoyed listening, thanks for producing and sharing.
I found it frenetic in a good fun and free way.
But there are also moments of beauty and contemplation.
For the record I didn’t find any lacking in the high end at all. If anything I thought I might want more in the low and mid low end. But this might have been a product of my listening experience which was on a small Bluetooth speaker. And in this case the use of mono was a good thing. Not to be contradictory and critical of raja, I thought their suggestions were valid, I just had a different experience.

Please keep making and sharing more I will be on the lookout for the next one.


Thanks so much for listening itssowindy! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for your kind words about the album. I’ve been in a serious groove for the past couple years and I’ve been having so much fun making all sorts of music. It’s always difficult to know how things will sound to others. I have a rather over the top audiophile sound system that I make and listen to music on so when I master things I always make sure to listen to and preview them on my big system, then on laptop speakers, and then on a portable cassette player and /or my phone. I aim to get things sounding good on all devices because I never know how people will choose to listen to it. We all have our own sound preferences so I always aim for the middle of the road, usually haha… I will keep making more machine musics and I hope you keep listening! if you, or anyone else, are at all interested in staying in the loop with my music feel free to follow me on insta @michaelsouthern_ Thanks again for your comment and for listening! Much Love!

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