Mind Blowing Facts


FACT 01: Did you know that Will “Bonnie Prince Billy” Oldham took the album cover photograph for Slint’s Spiderland? [1]


Mind Blowing Fact #2
Will Oldham directed a video with Zach Galifianakis of a Kanye West song. Zach Galifianakis and I share taste in tractors.


Broccoli is man made!



Can we see some documentation on that please? This thread is called Mind Blowing Facts not fake facts to aggressively attack a vegetable you dislike.

Will consider your case after that we see some paperwork. Thanks.


Wikipedia suggests this paper as a source for that very fact


Pretty much all the food we eat has been heavily designed through selective breeding, and therefore cannot live “in the wild”, but instead requires intensive cultivation to survive.

Broccoli is no exception.

One Straw Revolution is one attempt at course correcting this mind blowing fact.


Good work detective.


I am a vegetarian. I enjoy most vegetables especially broccoli. But broccoli does not seem to like me. :wink:


Mind blowing fact #4

lobsters do not die of old age. the only thing time does to a lobster is make it bigger and bigger, if environmental conditions are good this is because they have a secret molecular trick over all of us senescent rubes: constant production of telomerase

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Another Will Oldham fact:

Will Oldham played the preacher kid in the John Sayles movie Matewan


classic. breadcrumb trail is also an excellent documentary. covers the band from their incipient stages to the making of spiderland. so good.


Mind blowing fact #6: their first show was at a Unitarian church. During a service!


You can get Malt Vinegar in POWDER form :open_mouth:


hell yeah. didn’t know about the church :open_mouth:


Everything I know about broccoli is from this podcast:



My favourite mind blowing fact is something that I use and am amazed by just about every day: the sum of all positive integers (1+2+3+4+5+…) results in -1/12.


welllllll don’t you have to make a fairly unusual definition of summation for this to be the case? after all, other parts of math rely on that sum not being finite


It depends on what you mean by unusual. It follows from the analytic continuation of the zeta function (\zeta(s) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty n^{-s}) to non-positive arguments: \zeta(0) = -1/2, \zeta(-1) = -1/12, and so on.


I’m aware! my contention is that it’s an unusual move to extend the validity of a summation by using a different form that continues to converge—really my quibble was that you suggested the fact was true regardless of context, but in other contexts that sum is not -1/12


As a Louisvillian, this Louisville punk rock trivia is too easy :slight_smile: