Mind Blowing Facts


Toothpaste isn’t made from ground teeth.


Nor is it used for glueing teeth together.


Fake dental implant diamonds for hard up rappers? Perhaps?


Yeah, I call shenanigans on this one



made me think of this
which proposes a “fact” about arachnid webbing being part of their cognition processes

if true…
it would blow my mind to know that webs can function as an extension of their brain


Writing is an extension of the human brain, isn’t it? And from that, maps, and computers, and so on… :wink:


well that’s what i find so fascinating about the prospect

i need to re-read the findings (and search for more recent developments) but from what i gathered before…the web seems to go beyond capabilities of a relatively simple tool like a map

if not actually part of their brain
a web seems closer to a complex machine/computer (for them) when you think about the kind of two-way feedback produced