Mind Blowing Facts


Lance Bangs said that Will was the one off screen that was asking them a lot of the questions in the documentary. Since he knows them all so well it was easier to get them to talk.


Great fact. True of also many reptiles apparently. Including the crocodile. It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it can’t feed itself and dies of starvation.


I’m not sure that analytic continuation in the context of a divergent sum is that “unusual” – especially in the context of a meromorphic function. Also, I didn’t suggest that it was free of context; just pointing out that it is – as a fact – provable, mind blowing, and incredibly useful :slight_smile: .


kevin shields has an individually tuned guitar for each song


Shuggie Otis was 18 years old when he released Freedom Flight (featuring the immortal classic, Strawberry Letter 23) in 1971.


Alex Chilton was 16!


I’ll just leave this here:


I was trying to find how young they were, not that young as it happens, but good analysis anyway.


With an average shelf life of 75 years, we each get to experience a few percents of the entire written history of humankind.


I still find it kinda mind blowing that plants grow out of (thin) air.

Surely a simplification, but as a description of photosynthesis it’s not wrong is it?


Buddy Holly was only two years older than Alan Vega.



(Twenty characters)


Origin of the name “Rosa Yemen”, the first and best (IMHO) project of Lizzy Mercier Descloux:

or, p. 134: https://monoskop.org/images/f/f9/Semiotexte_Vol_3_No_2_Schizo-Culture.pdf

[so this dates the project to 1978 at the earliest]
[which is correct, I thought it was older, but it’s still remarkable nonetheless]

so who is/was Seth Neta?


Kate Bush was 13 when she wrote this:


10th President of the USA John Tyler was born in 1790 and STILL has living grandchildren

  • 99999999999999999989 is a prime number
  • Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) was a schoolmate of Tony Blair
  • There is no such animal as panther. Tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar — are all panthers
  • X percents of Y is equal to Y percents of X
  • Laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”
  • Hummingbird’s metabolism is so fast that if it would sleep for 8 hours — it would die out of starvation
  • LG was originally producing soap and laundry detergents
  • Sony makes most amount of money as an insurance company

God, I love useless facts.


The southernmost province in the country of Belgium is called Luxembourg and is larger than the country of Luxembourg in which it shares a border.


i’m really into this thread, but “mind blowing facts” sounds more like a facebook group that your baby boomer uncle belongs to than a llllllll.co thread

edit: nothing but love for lines members that are baby boomer uncles


… and “baby boomer uncles” sounds like something from Unwanted band names thread :slight_smile:


sweet burn.

What’s a better name? I have the power to edit to conform to your ageist opinion.

I turn 42 next month. 42 is practically 43.

I’m no one’s uncle.

I’ve been told I could be either a millenial or a gen-x given the year of my birth - 1976. Maybe that’s a mind blowing fact? Maybe this thread needs a list of frequently cited mind blowing facts? A mind blowing faq #dadjoke.


I would read “10 Mind Blowing Facts about FAQs” if it popped up on buzzfeed