Mind Blowing Facts


i like the name! it’s open-ended enough for mind blowing facts about kate bush, john tyler, and luxembourg. sorry for derailing, hopefully i’ll be back with some facts soon.


Vanilla Ice’s “Mind Blowin” is not



Much of the Luxembourgish population joined the Belgian revolution against Dutch rule. Except for the fortress and its immediate vicinity, Luxembourg was considered a province of the new Belgian state from 1830 to 1839. By the Treaty of London in 1839, the status of the grand duchy became fully sovereign and in personal union to the king of the Netherlands. In turn, the predominantly French-speaking part of the duchy was ceded to Belgium as the province de Luxembourg.

This loss left the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg a predominantly German state, although French cultural influence remained strong. The loss of Belgian markets also caused painful economic problems for the state. Recognising this, the grand duke integrated it into the German Zollverein in 1842. Nevertheless, Luxembourg remained an underdeveloped agrarian country for most of the century. As a result of this, about one in five of the inhabitants emigrated to the United States between 1841 and 1891.


“And now that ye may know how pepper is got, let me tell you that it groweth in a certain empire whereunto I came to land, the name whereof is MINIBAR, and it groweth nowhere else in the world but there.”


Definitely gen-x: millenial’s 1980 at the earliest…


me too- 76 and proud…at least we know what the phrase “sell-out” means…Millennial’s dont seem to know this and actually have the opposite view and all have a personal “brand” makes me wanna throw up…

BILL HICKS MUST BE MANDATORY TEACHING - sorry, i think its that important


Generational generalizations are bullshit. Sorry, it’s a pet peeve.

I’m 43, huge fan of Bill Hicks, and yet, folks a couple decades younger than myself are far more likely to have socialist politics than people my own age.

So, yeah, they’ve got a lot of followers on instagram. They’ve been pulled through the branding ringer (by gen-x!) and many of them have come out the other side angrier and readier to blow some things up than we ever were.

But, meh, I’m just generalizing some more. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to talk about generations. My parents are only 20 years older than me. Some friends have parents 40 years older than they are. We grew up in very very different ways. We’re the same age.


Im sorry i soooo disagree - we’re the same age -and youve just made a sweeping a generalisation as i did…
I have some younger friends who are politically active and some more thsn my own age - it is a time of exploration…but a “thing” like Facebook was not conceivable to me at 18 (which i agree with your point), but there is a deafness, maybe im more thinking in terms of music - wheres the rage? It seems kids need to be shot to get any political traction in the US
Yes we have an “eternal self” but still are product of our time…4chan?

So you’ve heard Bill Hicks. How many Millennial’s have?

A tiny ripple in scheme of things but something ive noticed…


Social categorizations, perceptual accentuations and outgroup homogeneity are some of the reasons why we have steretypes and cultural / social bias, and I believe humankind is better off without.


courtesy of reddit just now—charles darwin and steve irwin both kept care of the same tortoise


Sadly, this is not mind-blowing.


Oh don’t worry, we’ve got the rage :blush:


Fact: this is an accordina. (well, two of them, actually)

The mind blowing part is that I just witnessed one being played absolutely masterfully by Ludovico Beier


i keep reading the thread title as Mind Bowling Facts


When mind bowling it is important to assume the proper posture.


Fennesz has a version of his cover of the Beach Boy’s “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)” with the Brian Wilson acapella!

“When it was out in, like, '98 people couldn’t see any connection between my “Don’t Talk” and the real one. I always had a version with Brian Wilson singing on top it, which I have here if you want to hear it.”


If you type “mind blowing fact” into Google, it obeys. Try it!


Potentially many more than ever saw him on tv during his height. Internet. Yr tripping man hicks is not some totally underground guy. His lifestyle/career was totally dependent on a capitalist structure and ‘branding’, as gross as it is to talk about.


My generation is ___er than yours! Is kinda off topic. And it’s a pretty broad topic!


Agreed! That older people think Millennials are any number of derogatory things is neither mind blowing nor surprising in the slightest.

Especially given that A LOT of lines members, including myself and some of those most active and respected here, are Millennials, this debate is a waste of time that cannot possibly be productive and doesn’t belong in a respectful and respectable setting like lines, in my opinion!

Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH is the largest performing arts center in the USA outside of New York City!