Mini-Monome Meetup @ Moogfest

Anyone else headed to Moogfest this May? Any interest in meeting up? I was thinking we could grab lunch somewhere on Friday 5/20.

I’m open to other dates/times but I imagine all times are equally bad given the ridiculous number of awesome events happening at every hour.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, the full schedule has been posted here -

I’ll be there and would love to meet up with other lines folks. I play saturday night, so any other time would be fine.

cool, hopefully there are some other takers. Otherwise, I’ll just reach out directly and we can catch up sometime.

bumping this thread as moogfest starts this thursday.

will anyone be around?

i’ll be at moogfest! anyone got any good tips for talks/shows to try and catch?

personally, i’m hyped about floating points, the borderless radio and generative max workshops, alessandro cortini, and attending the bastl instruments talk.

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I’m going to be there as well - hoping some of the workshops free up. They filled so quickly and I didn’t register in time. Also looking forward to Bastl and Alessandro Cortini, M. Geddes Gengras, Patricia, and of course, Made of Oak!

+1 for Floating Points, also keen to catch Quintron & Miss Pussycat and Tatsuya Takahashi’s talk.

@bradfromraleigh ugh, yea I slept on those workshops and am regretting it!

Great to hear from some more folks. I had originally suggested lunch together on Friday. Does that still sound good?

There is Bull McCabe’s which is the official restaurant of Moogfest (whatever that means) or we could try this tapas place, Mateo Bar de Tapas, right next door.

mateo is very, very good, but may be tough on a busy friday to get a table. bull mccabe’s is okay bar food, but will be a much easier come-and-go type of hang. i’m signed up for the rvng commission discussion on friday at 12:15, but would gladly drop that to come to a lunch hang.

sorry to miss you all-- we were invited but i was on the fence for various reasons. enjoy!

and tune in on the saturday for some virtual togetherness.

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Anyone around Saturday? Not sure if anyone met today. Looks like there are some other folks attending.

Yup. We’re here till Sunday. Didn’t meet up today unfortunately.

I’m at 617 335 2196 and headed to Rival Consoles and Kode9 tonight. Maybe that’s an easier way to connect?

didn’t get to meet any of you, but i DID get to awkwardly ask “so… does anyone here post on the lines forum?” at every workshop i went to.


Hahaha, that’s wonderful.

What workshops did you attend? Anything awesome you wish to share?

Saw you play Saturday night - loved that you did Calendar. Was the first thing I heard from your solo stuff and it sounded great!

I didn’t make it to any workshops as they were all booked so we brought my 6-month old out instead and he had a great time. Someone said there was a baby at the Sunn show - that was NOT me.

I went to quite a few, and they were a bit hit-or-miss for me. Several that seemed from their descriptions to be in-depth classroom style tutorial/discussion sessions ended up being far less than that - like “Generative Systems for Freeform Music with MaxMSP”, which sounds like it’d be a great max coding workshop but was actually a very surface level discussion of Adam Florin’s ‘Patter’ max4live device. Or “Borderless Radio”, which had this description:

This participatory program is especially suited for novice-to-seasoned event producers, curators, and artists. The conversation addresses the idea of radio not just as a participatory medium, but as a platform for multidisciplinary events that transcend typical boundaries. The moderators present tangible examples from previous festivals, broadcasts, gatherings, and other events that enhanced site-specific elements and promoted psychogeographic practices in order to push audiences to experience beyond time and place.

Participants are encouraged to bring examples from existing events, as well as new concepts for pushing audiences to listen and to create within multidisciplinary environments.

…but was actually the two organizers of a festival called Megapolis just talking about their CV of putting together their small festival. I’m trying to put together a low-power FM event for a band I’m in and was hoping for some discussion of the logistics of making these things happen or hearing a bunch of new ideas on how one could use FM as a platform, so this was a bit of a letdown.

That said, there were plenty of surprise hits. I attended a “Soundwalk”, where Toronto-based artist Anna Friz led a small group of us on a long meditative walk through downtown focusing solely on the ambient noise of the city, and followed by a great discussion of both meditation and the nature of architecture as a tool or agent in sound design. Right after that, I sat in for a talk (also by Anna Friz) on the changing nature of radio as a tool in art (I hit a lot of the radio stuff), which was fascinating and very educational. The Tim Hecker / Ben Frost masterclass was really great and, despite being led by an insufferable moderator, ended up leading to a very interesting discussion of their approaches (esp. their championing of digital audio, all the more interesting at a festival run by an analog-centric company). And Laurie Anderson is/was/will always be amazing. I could listen to her ramble on for hours.

@bradfromraleigh thanks dude!


Yea, sorry we didn’t get to catch up. I had a feeling that coordinating folks during such a busy festival would be tough.

My unsolicited review of the festival is overwhelmingly positive! Already bought tickets for 2017 (They’re discounted to $99 for 2016 festival goers until 5/24).

Stand out memories:

-Sam Aaron’s live coding performance using Sonic Pi ( He’s a monome guy, not sure what his handle is on here though.
-Interview with Scott McCloud moderated by Ryan Germick
-Watching The Orb bounce around on stage like they’re still 20
-Reggie Watts outdoor performance
-Claire Evans’ feminist history of the internet
-The venues! I liked the variety. From grand theatre to black-box theatre to outdoor stage to intimate club.
-Tons of food trucks with short lines

There were definitely some logistical headaches that I’m sure they’ll clean up. For instance, all the workshops were filled within days, but there was an extremely high no-show rate. Fortunately for me, I showed up anyway and got in to all the workshops, but I’m sure others were deterred by the “Full” label.

Can’t wait till next year!


The description vs. reality on “Borderless Radio” is distressing. I really hope Moog does a better job vetting panels next year.

I’m really intrigued by your interest in FM. Can you share anymore about that project? Was there anything during the Anna Friz talk that your looking to apply to that project?

Reviving this thread! Anyone attending Moogfest this year?