Mini Tour of the North East (US & Can.) this Summer

I’m coming to the North East this summer, and I’m looking for a few opportunities to perform - cafes, small events, open mics, local library, your backyard… whatever!

Where: Anywhere in around the North Eastern states. I’m visiting Montreal, Boston and New York for sure - so anywhere between or nearby that triangle or inbetween. I’m happy to travel a bit.

When: Let’s say mid/late June - again, still working things out.

What: Here’s a live set I did last October: (alas, I don’t come with the visuals) - and you can find more of my stuff at

Thanks for any leads you might have.

Update: It’s On!

full details on the tour web page


If you’re looking for open events for Modular Sets in Brooklyn, Strange Stage and Avant Mic are both intimate and welcoming events for performers. You can find them both on facebook.


I should add - if you might by interested in filling out a line up in that time frame - PM me - it is easier to book if I can present a full line-up.

Update: I’ve got a lovely little tour shaping up now: 6 shows in 9 days, June 21 ~ 29.

Three of the shows are now looking for other, local-ish, artists to put on the line up. If you are from anywhere between, say, Springfield MA and Syracuse NY - and would be interested in playing a show last week in June - hit me up!


How local are we talking about? Is the same state as the venue OK? I’m around an hour from Springfield MA. Loving the live clip you posted BTW! :grinning:

The tour is on! I’ve updated the top post with the poster and link to the details.

If you come see me play, please be sure to introduce yourself at the show - I’d love to meet you.

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Imagine I’ll see you at the Brooklyn show!


Catskill is a hop from here so I’ll definitely try and make it!

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From the first show of the tour, in Gloucester:

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Tonight’s show from HiLo will be streamed LIVE: Go to and there will be a “HiLo” entry shortly after we start(about 8pm EDT)


A quick mix & video edit of the end of our set in Greenfield, MA. This is part 6 of the Infinite Set:

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