MiniBrute - Thoughts?

MiniBrute is on sale for a bit or till units are gone which leads me to think Arturia might be working on a new version or something like that. Wanted to see if any members here had experience with the MiniBrute or thoughts on it for $400. I’ve watched a couple vids and read some reviews here and there but they are pretty spread about both in praise and criticism. Figured some people here might have experience and thoughts on this as a synth.

I have the microbrute, which I realise is a different beast, but if you offered me aftertouch and the extra envelope I certainly wouldn’t be turning it down!

I wonder if they’re selling off the original minibrutes because the SEs are so much more popular?

Own a microbrute and love it. Serves its purpose and the clock is tight. For beginners like me understanding synthesis it has been enjoyable to use. They are making it hackable as well. Visit manufacturers site. This would open it up to those with the knowledge to crack the instrument and modify accordingly