Minidisc thoughts

I really didn’t expect to be GASing for a minidisc recorder in 2017. You folks have a knack.


need to take out my portable sony MD recorder and see if it still works…
haven’t used this thing in a decade.

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I know!
When I put out a 3" cd about 10 years ago, almost all of my friends said “I’d love to listen to it but my laptop doesn’t have a CD tray!” I’m sure there are a few unsold copies still floating around the shops back in Vancouver.

I’ll echo Zedkah

If there is still room to get involved I am

Didn’t expect this post to be as interesting as it turned out honestly.

it’d be cool if folks who weren’t picky about cohesive content or quick turnaround time
send me a blank md and wait for it to be mailed back eventually

100% love this idea.

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Still awaiting my MDS-B5. But as soon as I have my hands on it, and can try out a duplication method from the manual, I’ll be kicking off some ideas and seeing what sticks. I doubt we will run out of space if we end up doing the 12second mixer, the more the merrier.


Just stumbled upon this thread and coincidentally was rummaging around in my parents attic the other day and found a load of my old mini disc stuff. I kenwood stereo and a load of underground resistance and red planet techno filled mini discs :slight_smile:

Im gonna try get my Dad to post them to me!

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It arrived this morning, had to flick a poorly documented switch on the inside to get it running on 240vac, but it works:


Hey, I would love to contribute to the compilation (if there’s still space). I especially like the idea of short pieces meant to be played on shuffle. @saintcloud I PM’d you my email.

I used to use mini discs extensively for work about 13 years ago, although only as a backup stereo recorder alongside the Roland VS-880 and VS-1680 during live sessions. I remember many times wondering why the mini discs weren’t more popular - it was such a fantastic (and futuristic) format even then.


One cool thing I remember doing with my old portable Sony MD recorder (I’d have to dig it up for the model #) was this:

Put a bunch of loops or audio clips on a disc and you could set it to play through them seamlessly and randomly. Great for experimenting.


…while looking for something else deep in the closet i found my 20 year old binaural recording setup.


MZ-R50! My dad bought this in Japan in '98 when it was first released (cost him a fortune I think) and eventually passed it down to me. It’s what I first started recording music on. Really great machine, I was so sad when it died on me. Need to track down another.

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Never could see this coming. Isnt the MD format based on lossy compression? Not that it matters much.

Hmmm. I think i have a Sony MZ-R55 somewhere.

Yes. I believe ATRAC was the compression technology used…

I believe I kind of remember the compression artifacts which, well, to put bluntly I wasn’t too fond over. But perhaps I recorded in low quality…

This thread got me going. I need to dig out that Sony wherever it is. I like the 12 second song idea.

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EDIT - moved all this to the newer thread, here:

way into minidiscs lately. I loved them back in the day too. The later versions sound good, and the MDLP features are great. Does anyone have experience with the Minidisc multutracks like Yamaha used to make?

Btw, this is a very useful site for minidisc infos:

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Things I love about MD:

  • You can seamlessly loop tracks.
  • You can non-destructively add and remove track index points.
  • My Sony players feature the ability to make A-B markers on the fly and seamless loop between them.

Using these abilities I built and used a four MD looping setup for years with my old band. I had two MD drives inputting into my mixer, one on a send and one recording master. I would always record to the output units while I played and when I would want to loop I would eject the disc out of one of them and put it into an input player and put another disk into the recorder. Worked so very well… like a 74 minute looper.


I actually still have the discs that I used in this process for a whole bunch of shows and recording sessions. It’s great source material.

Ah… this is beautiful. Now THIS I can get behind. I personally don’t get the whole cassette tape revival, but an MD revival would be hard to resist for me.

I still have all my old MD’s and my MD recorder Walkman, but the headphone jack is in pretty bad shape, you have to really bend into it to get sound out of it.

Like others all my original field recordings I still have on MD.

I’ve still got a lot of DAT too. Imagine doing DAT releases lol. Now THAT would be niche. I had one of those DAT Walkman recorders too, I really wish I never sold it, was truly a thing of beauty. But it just became too difficult to source DAT tapes.


Agreed with others the MP3 player saw the MD’s downfall, and that feature we beloved so much - record - was ultimately lost.

Around that time nice little audio recorders started coming out - I had Edirols R-01 which was one of the first, closely followed by the M-Audio Micro Track.

But I still have a dear fondness for MD. It was always a bummer writing to them tho, the speed of SD card quickly took over but it was a funny transition period there for a while. Things seemed to have really settled into a groove now.

But I for one would be way more on with an MD revival if it happened.

It’s still on my list of things to do. I’ve got the gear all pulled together to do albums, with track listings/time stamps en masse, just need the music.

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