Minidisc thoughts

I might just make one of my own on the side
it would be fun to record two sets for example

might make a piece with 5 twelve second parts played in overlapping cycles


12 second songs. Sounds fun.
I’m now envisaging releases of 12 second songs on two minidiscs that can be layered at random using a couple of players. An idea that has certainly been done in other formats and one I always find quite appealing. Especially if one of these was involved!


here’s a question

will this didact project accept submissions from folks who have no md recorder? or would part of the point be to involve md’s in the artistic process?

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i’ve never titled any of mine

once i knew how to set mono/stereo, levels, rec, and erase i stopped reading the manual

A collection of 12 second pieces that could be played at random from a minidisc could be really interesting. If this something we all wanted to collaborate on, should we have a general concept or parameter (tonal center, textural prompt, tempo) we work from?

E: One thought was blending synthesized string sounds (karplus strong) with processed and unprocessed acoustic string instruments. This idea was inspired by the concept of the uncanny valley.


I currently have no access to acoustic strings but I’d be up for the general idea if I can expand to synth/acoustic drum comparison


hadnt heard
will check


I’ll have to check out Man After Man, seems right up my alley.

I have a gong, some broken cymbals, and a snare so I’m cool with drums over strings. Maybe we could use acoustic instruments broadly, since people will have access to different things. They don’t even need to be proper instruments, rice in a plastic container would work (DIY shaker).

Kind of hilarious what you can find on e-bay.

So I’m back in the MD game. I’ll read through the posts above I’ve missed due to a busy week, then get the ball rolling again.


Dang - let me get a copy of that Kenny G.


@glia @saintcloud do you still want to do this?

I do, and should be seeing @saintcloud tomorrow to discuss. Been end-of-year busy recently.

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we’ll see where this goes

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Agreed! I had a track on an SD card compilation this year.

I haven’t scrolled deep down into this thread to see if it’s come up yet (sneaking a quick peek at work), but I wonder if people are still making 3" CDs? I loved those things. Just the right amount of time for an EP.

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Very quick trial of random shuffling through 12 second MD tracks recorded from the modular…

(apologies for iPhone recording)


Like all Sony things, the MD was discontinued when it reached its best usability (supporting .wav format and usb transfer without an horribly bugged drm manager inbetween).
I had — still have — an MD walkman, and what i love about the format is that in many aspects it felt still like cassette tape:
it has a limited capacity of a few hours, so you can group tracks and albums and remember them being in that particular disc; ripping CDs was slow and difficult (SonicStage :rage:), so much of the time i just recorded from line in; i always had lots of partly labeled discs and homemade compilations around my bag;
yet the tape did not break (obviously), there was no wow when weather got too hot.
It worked wonders to make concealed recordings of concerts.

Only problem is there was no one to trade MD compilations with ^^’
I would love to engage in some sort of MD-mail art. Maybe one MD could circulate, where each participant would do something on it (add a track?), and two years later someone has the master for a great compilation.


One of my prized possessions is this MD released by Autechre under the moniker “GESCOM”. The intent of the disc is to have it played on shuffle indefinitely as it contains a large quantity of variously timed pieces. I still have my MD player, but use it to mainly play this one disc…


@saintcloud I’d love to be involved in whatever capacity as well – finally trashed my [non-functioning] MD player a few years ago and still somewhat regret it.

Have many fond memories of recording mixes to that thing to be listened to while I was washing dishes in the back of a horrible US chain restaurant …

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if I were to venture a simple and not at all all-encompassing guess

It would be that

derision of obsolete technology keeps the wheels on the capitalism train rolling


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Excellent. Be in touch soon. Silly season a bit silly.