Minimal mixers


let’s share mixer inspiration. i’m particularly fond of rotary style dj mixers. simple, big controls, quality components, etc.

my ideal mixer would be something like this, but with one or two filters and an fx send:

42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration
Mixer Design
Mixer/arc discussion point on synthtopia

It’s not affordable and not something to gig with… BUT… :heart_eyes:


These are both beautiful options. The Neve definitely is out of my range, though.
I am particularly intrigued by DJ Mixers myself at the moment.
As I’ll be playing my first DJ gig including a modular synth in about 3 weeks, I was looking for a DJ mixer that can double as a mixer for “regular” gigs with stage piano, laptop, modular that I sometimes play as well.

Roughly looking for the following features:

  • simple, straight forward feature set
  • compact
  • ergonomic layout
  • 3-4 channels (additional tape channel would be ideal)
  • quality build and sound (feel of the knobs/faders is important)
  • fader or rotary both ok, I guess

The Condesa ticks quite a few boxes and looks beautiful, but is relatively expensive and seemingly not readily available.
Already looked at the typical things like allen & heath but don’t really find anything I like.
I’d be really appreciate any pointers.


Definitely not affordable… but :+1:


Step 1 : win lottery

Step 2 :


I’d love to see a DIY mixer design based on those early rotary mixers.


As an alternative to that DJR400, I think is quite beautiful.

But I’d always point out that unlike rotaries, you can manipulate more than two faders at once. The magic of fingers, etc.

As a side note: I’ve been thinking a lot about matrix mixers recently. Take that as you will.


I just remembered that @tehn was alluding to wanting to build a minimal mixer in the “mid-term”.
See here: The current state of grid sound
Wonder what the definition of mid-term is.


I thought he was eluding to isms

(Haha I meant alluding, I think)


yeah with the left right and center outputs I think isms filled that role but we can still hold out for a monome mixer :sunny:


Is there a prize for most minimal?


Yes! You win. That’s a beauty.


That mixer is awesome!


mixer was not isms. i have a sketch for a mixer but trying to rationalize making it.


never in my life did i encounter the situation before where i wanted to say the perfect thing to make someone rationalize making a mixer… and now that i’m here in the moment, i fear i’m failing. still… MIXER!!!


Of course I just bought a soundcraft -__-

Totally assumed wrong there haha


which soundcraft did you decide on?



this makes me so happy


I’ve always wanted to see a mixer with arc knobs instead of faders.


The EMP8. Lots of functionality packed in there. Paired with my Apollo twin solo creates some pretty pretty sounds haha.

Don’t think I would have regretted getting the EFX8 either. Quality stuff soundcraft is. I guess only time can show that though