Minimal mixers


I will say it again: this is a perfect idea for a MINIMAL MIXER concept exactly how you designed it.


I guess, the more I think about it, I wonder if the two output jacks shouldn’t be placed on the two opposite ends of the module. That way it becomes visually even more apparent where you place the input signal in relation to the output pan spectrum…

Just a thought.


Just one more thought along the conversations of the output jacks (if you are open for input - its otherwise fine, as-is)… I think everyone has “just one thing” that would make it even more ideal for them - myself included. My one thing would be a volume control in place of one of the output jacks and the remaining jack would be stereo so that a pair of headphones could be used. Its easy enough for me to use an adapter to separate the signals if going to an outboard interface or mixer. In fact, I’d most likely need to use a 1/4" adapter for that purpose anyway. Making the module compatible with headphones would make this thing a must have for small, portable rigs. Of course, I would take the small <4hp form factor over additional bells and whistles any day.

Either way, well done :slight_smile: and I will most likely want one even in its current iteration.


I vote for exactly as it is. It’s perfect.


Like, and likely to buy one!


Dang, that’s a lot of great feedback! Figured it’d be best to spin off a new thread about it, so:


This thing looks so nice!
Description in the link.


Wouldn’t you just use your last VCA in the “voice” to control the level?


a lot of us don’t use traditional vca’s, but yeah, there are a lot of ways of controlling the volume without cluttering the module.

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Interesting. How do you control dynamic then?


20 characters full of filters.


What about volume? Do you handle all that manually?


Wow. Incredible esthetic, and given that it is Telefunken, it likely sounds amazing too!

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Yup, mixers and attenuators. But I’m a bit of a weirdo.

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I use combinations of things, including a final mixer to manage all the voices.

I don’t use a lot of traditional signal paths, and lots of my vcas don’t have attenuators so even using them with an envelope doesn’t really give me final level control.

I do agree that we don’t need to clutter up this consuls concept, there are lots of ways to control level at different points.

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Just got this guy for around £20 looks insanely cool, can’t find any info on it. need a psu can anyone help me! Be great to get this working, if it sounds rubbish would also be interested in rebuilding


any info on this? a quick google search didn’t turn up much


ah, nevermind. found it!

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Like it… and the wood chip wall behind.