Minimal mixers

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I’ve been using a Rane SM82S line mixer a bit lately.

8 stereo channels with level, pan, a stereo send and dedicated return channel.

pretty minimal but does the trick.

I also have an A&H MixWizard 14:4:2 but I really regret not getting something bigger for that kind of desk mixing. I never have enough channels to bring all my effects returns back into it.

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This Taula 4 looks pretty great.


wow lovely! would fit right in next to the RE-201


Wow, that looks beautiful… bloody pricey, but lovely


this isn’t minimal in the least:

but what stands out to me is the concept of per-channel “sculpting”

very nice. i would love to see this idea translated to something much simpler.


do you use max for this? would love to see the patch if so

i’m glad you posted this

it caught my eye but i couldnt decide whether anybody here would care

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A friend of mine recently used one of these at a gig (photo from

I thought it was pretty cool. Two stereo aux sends and returns, very small footprint. Would be great for feedback patching and effects too.


those look cool
stumbled across one on ebay last time I was hunting for a cheap no-input workstation

the small footprint makes this seem like an ergonomic nightmare tho

late response to your initial post, but i often move more then one fader at a time during live performances. moving more then one knob at once scares me to no end, but i also was never a dj and have worked behind consoles for a very long time.

That’s not me :sweat: should be able to hit him up on twitter his handle is Peter_Speer. He posts a ton of really cool stuff there.

Here’s a nice rotary. Not sure I like the stepped top for performance, but a great design.


This looks like a beautiful mini-console for a studio, but agreed it’s a bit unsuited for live performance. VU meters just don’t scream ‘easy to read while tipsy in a dark club’…

Agreed! Stunning mixer, reportedly also sounds ultra warm.
Funny how a friend of mine brings his one to every dj gig. Not the most portable object…
Passion :grinning:

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Just stumbled upon this beauty! Uher A-122

Also have do matrix mixers also count as minimal? Having a lot of fun with this one at the moment. 32 VCA’s included :smiley:


A collection of rotary/boutique mixers on djtechtools:

that alpha mixer looks v cool w/per channel filtering. fx send knobs could be bigger.

but $3,650?! surely it’s feasible to build something like this that still feels quality but steps away from the audiophile grade circuity (ICs and SMD vs discreet circuitry) while still sounding great?


You should be able to build any small mIxer like that for $500. From what I hear the hard part is setting up your circuits to eliminate noise and crosstalk. I brt you could replicate it smt and no one would be able to tell the difference.

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