Minimal mixers


Ha, managed to miss that! Very neat to also have different inputs with different fixed gains.


This is a great idea. Most panning in euro is voltage controllable, but I prefer something like this since I like good stereo placement, but not so much stereo motion.


I LOVE this concept, and would buy this in a heartbeat. Just like you laid it out: no knobs, nothing.
It’s perfect.


It would be cool if there was a single knob (possibly with a cv input to control it), that acts as a width control.

At 0% everything input is panned center.
At 100% it works as you describe.

EDIT: Was thinking about this more, and this could also be done through a separate module as well. 2 ins, 2 outs, and the width knob/cv input. I don’t think it would really lose any ability to have it as a second stage.


this is a neat furthering of that idea


in this video, @TomWhitwell explains his minimal mixer module (and 4 other new niceties)


@billyhologram, superb idea. Like @analogue01, I care more about placement than active panning; this could be marvelous.

I wonder if 11 inputs would be too much? Finer gradations between positions; one for each hour on the clock face, save 12 and 6, which would be the same.

There are a few modules that do this. Verbos makes one. I built this, and love it; it’s more or less permenantly patched in my chain, just before the RIP to recorder or phones:


Startup sounds lovely. Could see that replacing the Rosie in my skiff. If I understand it correctly, though, signals are either fully left, fully right, or center.

Tangentially, I was going to build a Spring Reverb, but if there’s a second revision coming up, I’ll happily wait a while.

I like this a lot, and think having it as a separate module, like the NLC module that @Larrea posted, would work well. I wonder if it would also be useful to allow the knob/CV to invert the pan, making left right and vice versa.

Anyway, I reckon I’ll try prototyping this fixed panning mixer idea, see what it feels like.


Yep, I was waiting for that to come out so I could suggest Tom’s minimal, mix-by-patching mixer…


It’s not hard left/right - it’s panned left/right but the signal is present on both sides. According to my calculations it’s a 20db difference between left and right (or vice versa). I was aiming for something that feels like 9 o’clock / 3 o’clock on a pan pot.


This looks like another one: DUDE from Bastl


I don’t see in the description on the page what that juice button is I’m assuming some kind of overdrive or distortion?

this looks pretty nice


I’ll definitely get one of these…
Juice is probably the power button I guess.


It’s mono though. For mono (if eurorack is an option) i’d get a Veils or, as I do, two chained Optomixes (yes, I have a problem with vactrols).


Well, I already have an Optomix and I’m going to get an Intellijel Quad VCA soon enough, but this would mostly be for external sources mixing…


This is exactly what I had envisioned as a project for myself. Something small - the size of their Trinity synths. This is perfect for all the handheld devices and portable stuff I have around.


gd. bastl is KILLING it lately. thanks for the heads up.


looks handy and simple. that name tho…


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