Minimal mixers


got to play with these over the past week. I’m loving the feel of rotary mixers! helps focus my ears instead of subconsciously worrying how the faders look relative to one another.


Stumbled upon this mixer today. From what I can tell it has 4 mono inputs, 1stereo input, aux send/receive, some type of cue systems and 4 headphone outs.


I don’t think this one has popped up yet:


this plus a teletype and 4x TXo would be a powerful setup, and in a small footprint too - i like the fact they didn’t include attenuators (as you could just adjust your scripts if need to), so it’s pretty close to being as compact as it can possibly get. i already have a 4ms vca matrix but if i ever want this combo in a smaller case this will be perfect.


If anyone here has been itching for one of the Xiwi passive 4x4 matrix mixers, it appears he’s closing up shop and selling them at a discount for the next four days.


Already been posted but this just arrived today :sunglasses:


I just ordered this Mix 02 by Rebel Technologies for my little skiff. Costs little more than 100 euro and has four pannable channels, stereo out and headphone out. I’ll tell you how it sounds!


Yes please, this is something, I’m very interested in.

#432 - US$30!


Even comes with cables! Nice.


I’ve had this for years, not sure why I never posted it. It’s not fantastic, but it’s very useful right now.


Just bagged two of these and i’m super happy with them :slight_smile:

amazing for taking a few pieces out the studio to get headspace elsewhere



and you can use it as a radio!


some of my sessions with the koma mixer lately have turned into me listening an interesting radio show instead of doing whatever i intended to do :smiley:


nice layout and design, built-in 50w stereo amp and …wait for it… reverb!


So, is someone going to make these? :smile:


I made a prototype! Will post about it soon.



I had a feeling / was hoping…

very cool!


10/10 would buy for at least 20 characters.


I love this idea, but since most modules don’t have an output level control this would need to be paired with at least a 4-6 channel attenuator. If this could be double the width, but with level pots for each channel I would be buying a couple of them for sure :slight_smile: