Minimal mixers


Just got this guy for around £20 looks insanely cool, can’t find any info on it. need a psu can anyone help me! Be great to get this working, if it sounds rubbish would also be interested in rebuilding


any info on this? a quick google search didn’t turn up much


ah, nevermind. found it!


Like it… and the wood chip wall behind.


Haha some of us have to live in rented flats and arn’t aloud to decorate :joy:
Goes well with the vintage mixer though,
Love to no if anybody knows a power supply that works with this guy


My bandmate built one and brought it to our practice session. It’s really neat, I like the inserts and the channel link feature. A button or a switch to assign the channel to only one of the outs would be great though.


Some informations are left unspecified on their website, maybe you know the answers:
are the inputs stereo or mono ? and what about those outs A and B ? is it like A = left channel and B = right channel so one can either have a stereo master or use hard pans to get two independent outs ?


Yeah everything’s mono. But the build instructions might have some alternatives for the master outs, perhaps that’s why they are labelled a and b instead of l and r, my mate said he would check the specs and get back to me.


I kind of with there was a send/return instead of an insert. An insert seems a little pointless since it’s all just 3.5mm jacks anyway. The only time I ever use inserts is on XLR channels on my larger mixer to go out to studio rack effects.


Looks like I need to read this thread :frowning: my tapco mixer has just died. I will be operating on it tonight, hopefully I can ressurect it.


I’m really liking my Mackie 1202, but I feel like I need maybe 1/3 of what it does. I will continue to wish there were something smaller that could manage two send/returns. And mono is fine by me, even though I’d eventually grow out of it, I imagine.


Yeah, perhaps it’s most useful if treated it as a mono mixer and the pan knob as the effect send, sacrificing one of the channels for effects return. Btw the main outs have stereo plugs, and can be modded to output the mono signal on both channels (for a “stereo” monitor mix, for example).

Perhaps the inserts make more sense with the channel link feature (create an effected version of the signal on the adjacent channel).


I saw this for sale in Berlin. Maybe it’s interesting for some of you:

Here is the original link:


More on that Canford BBC mixer, with links to modern alternatives


it’s not so cheap but I love the VCAmatrix, you can route anything anywhere and control the volume of each interconnection by an external input like an lfo

Live mixer + interface

Can anyone ID the small mixer here (next to the Moog - looks like maybe it uses tubes)?

There’s a couple close-ups on in throughout the interview, but I still can’t figure out what it is. Maybe he built it himself…


Funny, I didn’t even read the interview, but noticed that and was curious just from the picture as it has been popping up.


Are those six (6) VU meters on the front of that mixer?


Can’t tell if VU meters or tubes


the semi-hidden caption on the second picture says “Close up of hand made sequencer (…)”