Minimal mixers


Oh snap! I guess that explains why he also an A&H mixer…

Someone should design a mixer that looks like that tho! :laughing: :sweat_smile:


tube sequencers - the best way to warm up your sequences!


whoa, ned - this sequence sounds so… so… warm. how’d yo-

(interrupting) it’s the tubes, carl. tubes.


ah yes, i used this for a long while with a bunch of gear inside a flightcase. i’ve sense put it into storage as my setup is more studio oriented now.


Hi, I have one of these Sony mixers, bought originally for our congregation in `72. It still works perfectly and as for the batteries - they were replaced in 20011 (!) although usage has been minimal. It is a marvellous little machine and, at least you know that no mains ripple is coming from it!


FYI the infamous Praga mixer modules by XOAC are actually now available…


I’ve realized over the last few months that I really want an outboard mixer more than a euro module (hence I’m selling my eurorack mixer). That’s partly because I’ve fallen in love with Ciat-Lonbarde devices and want a mixer that works for eurorack, line, and mic inputs together.

Now the hunt is on and it’s surprisingly hard… What I really want is a Mackie 1604-VLZ without the EQ or busses. 12 - 16 inputs, 4 aux sends, faders, mutes…



plus this:

multiply to taste… goes a long way!


if it doesn’t need to be hauled around, nor to be inexpensive, i’d look into broadcast consoles which tend to abstract away unnecessary features like EQs. There are so many out there, one will probably have the right combination of perks (Studer 1500 ?).
Otherwise, with that much inputs and aux, it’s easily in the domain of live PA mixers, meaning EQs and groups are an obligatory feature.


Those look amazing, but not inexpensive is right! For that price I could buy 10 Mackie 1604’s and have the EQ removed and new cases built custom :slight_smile:


Just saw this


I keep wishing they’d made it upside down so that the volume knobs were at the bottom and the jacks were at the top. I should see if grayscale would make a flipped panel.


Is it acutally shipping?


No idea. They showed them at superbooth this year.


Yeah, I looked at my case, looked at the module and thought the same thing… then I decided I didn’t need a big mixer module anyway


i have 8 channels going from modular to A&H mixwizard via nw2s::io, so don’t really need a mixer in modular, but it’s tempting for CV control and proximity. agreed it’s weird that most of similar modules also have jacks on the bottom, XAOC / Intellijel / ProModular all do, Koma Poltergeist has inputs on the bottom. FrapTools is close but having CV inputs intermixed with attenuators is not ideal when it’s fully patched. WMD mixer seems to be the only one with jacks to the left / on top.


yeah. I am just using the circuit abbey unify these days. it is the smallest stereo mixer w/ headphone outs that I could find. I don’t really need sends or CV over panning or anything so it’s fine for me.

I love the looks of the FrapTools mixer system but that is a lot of money and HP.

my modular stuff just goes into my handy old mackie 802 vlz3 which gives me more than enough channels + routing options to add extra stuff.


Yeah, I did a little math on how much would it cost to replace my AH mixer with the Frap Tools equivalent of channels, and had to quickly abandon that idea!
They are beautiful looking modules though, even if a bit confusing at first blush…


This looks promising:

I want to sort out the two auxes.



Having owned a Frap Tools setup, it’s pretty amazing if you want a high quality mixer that has CV for everything. If you don’t need the CV control then it’s total overkill and an outboard mixer will do the job perfectly. That’s where I ended up as well.

Which A&H do you have? Now that I’m going outboard I’m having trouble choosing something that has enough channels, sends, and is portable (within reason).