Minimal mixers


Anyone know why mixer manufacturers reserve this form factor for dj mixers:

And mixers for other purposes are always the ever-lengthening, slanted slab console?

If I could just get the important parts from the Zed14:

with a few minor additions (pre/post aux buttons, headphone jack, master meters but no master faders) in that dj box format, with jacks on the back, I would be set. Six mono, four stereo channels, but in a form that only takes up roughly 12" x 12" of desk space.


Sounds like you’re sort of looking for Richie Hawtin’s Model 1:

Ultimately the price tag / marketing is all a bit too much for me, but it does seem like a quality product.



I’ve looked at the Model 1 a few times. It’s nice, but not what I’m hoping for, and I confess the price on 4-6 channel DJ mixers baffle me (the Model 1 costs $4400 in Canada, that’s more expensive than the 8-channel SSL X-Desk).

It both has way more stuff and not enough utility for me. I need more channels (at least 6 mono and 2 stereo), aux sends (at least 2, I don’t even need returns, as I route back to the stereo channels anyway), 1/4" inputs (ideally xlr combo jacks), and that’s it. No filters, EQs, saturation stages, or anything related to DJs (mix cues, rca jacks, phono preamps, x-faders). I’m resigned to that never being made, so I make do with what’s available.

I do find it strange that mixer form factors tend to be segregated to specific use cases. So many mixers on the market, new ones added all the time, so little experimentation.


Another direction, if all you need is summing and monitoring.

My SSL X-Desk is the business, so I’m tempted by The Mynx.


And in a similar vein:


Nice! These look like pretty good value.


Not really minimal, but find myself strangely drawn to this really ugly Behringer mixer. It has a button that records all the incoming and mixed channels and drops the files in a folder on a USB stick.
From Christoph Remmery on FB:
“I have the Behringer XENYX UFX1204 : it records every seperate track directly on a USB-stick or USB-drive. No computer needed. I don’t know about soundquality compared to the usual hyped brands but it is fine for me. Also comes in a bigger version. When you are patching and knobbing, just hit ‘REC’ on the mixer and that’s is : every channel + sends + main mix will be in a new folder on the USB-device.”


I had the occasion to use it and it does exactly what it says and it does it well enough. Frankly apart from being behringer (which is a big downer) it’s a very convenient piece of kit.


This is a step in an interesting direction. Now if they would make a smaller one…


Same thing, twice smaller, less channels, and that’s a hard thing to resist. As is, it’s not really the best for solo artists. Also I find the design terrible (as pretty much always with zoom). Hopefuly as Peter puts it, this will become a category.


Zoom mixer/interface/recorders seem super smart. I want a member of this product category that supports multi-channel (quadrophonic, surround, and beyond) audio.


Interesting! That feature is pretty appealing


This little corner of the Behringer is a masterclass in lean interface design vs the Zoom…


Came across a guy on reddit who makes custom active matrix mixers. He’s based in Berlin and quoted me 300 eur incl UK shipping for a 4x4 with killswitches, not a bad price for something custom and metal with nice design. He has a flickr and a youtube channel. It’s not a priority purchase for me right now but I figure someone in this thread might potentially be interested!



More than a masterclass in interface design I think this is a great example of knowing what is important. What I mean is, trying to make something be a thing that it is not usually just ends up creating frustration in the user. The Beringer mixer does not try to make the mixer be a DAW and instead focuses on just doing one thing: recording. Once you have that figured out the rest is a natural consequence, what more do you need to record than a big red button?


Love his mains-powered giant matrix mixers!


I know it isn’t a recorder, but the KMI k-mix is a mixer/interface that does multi-channel. No experience with it (yet) though. I feel like a shill because I keep mentioning it to people, but it’s only because I’m super interested in checking one out for myself. :slight_smile:


It does seem to come up repeatedly in these discussions. I didn’t really like my Quneo when I had one, and that’s coloring my perception of KMI products. But maybe k-mix doesn’t suffer from the same issues.


Yeah, I’m kind of on the same page. I’ve liked the KMI stuff I’ve used, but I’ve never loved it. I just feel like I have somewhat less need of built-in recording since with my current set-up I’m pretty bound to my laptop, so I can always just record into my DAW with my interface. For me the KMI (or other mixer/interfaces) are more interesting just as they could replace my current rack-mount interface AND get me more tactile, dedicated physical controls. Typically I just use my Push 2 for those things now, but it’s less direct/immediate since the knobs are modal.