Minimal mixers


Yeah, it’s not eye-catching, but maybe it’ll have some of that Montreal Assembly style of attractive generic. I figure for something with this limited a range of capabilities, we’ll only need to read it a few times before we know it by heart.


that is totally true.
Not a fan of plexy, but hey, if it does the mixer job well, that is really the least important thing!


I want 6 sends, faders, direct outs, 16 channels, full EQ, 4 sub-mixes, mutes, and solo. And it needs to be the size of a Monome grid. And under $500. :clown_face:


The K-Mix is actually not that far from that… :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that volca-type mixer too…



Kickstarter for the Vixen mini mixer now live:

Although, small and cramped might not pass muster for minimal. Also plexi, not sure how I feel about that. Does look cool for Volcas.


It’s worth noting that it also powers the Ms20mini, KARP Ody and a bunch of other stuff.

Not minimal, but at least it’s small.


Cheaper per-unit than the korg chargers :expressionless:


Just came across this and remembered the “Minimal mixers” thread…

UralTone Tube Sounding Micro Mixer Kit

This product was designed completely for own needs. Working with various sources, synths, loopers and guitars requires as mixer. Table sized mixer is sometimes way too big. The vision was to have good sounding device but not exactly hi-fi. We designed the circuit around good known MOSFET IC. Sound and simplicity are borrowed from tube circuits. We also added few nice extras.

Clipping: Each channel has its’ own (soft) clipper switch, which allows distortion on lower signal levels. Before clipping the signal starts to compress. This clipper works similar way as using tape compression.
Insert: Needed for various effects. The insert connector allows using any guitar or studio effect inserted before the chanel volume pot. The insert jack works also as channel output for example for audio interface.
Link: All four channels are linked internally. If signal is fed to input one, all the rest of the inputs are chained to input one. If channel 1 and 2 are used, channel 1 is used individually and input 2 is linked to channels 3 and 4. This allows parallel signaling, such as clean and distorted channels or different inserted effects for one instrumetn.
Sound: No way this is intended to sound hi-fi. It’s well sounding, nicely distorting mixer for synths, guitars etc. All channels compresses or distorts kindly.

In nutshell: UralTone tube sounding mixer sounds tasty. It’s not uncolored basic mixer, it’s effect of it’s own!


Already talked about in this thread:

But definitely worth a second mention! =)

Their workshop/store is just around the corner from my office in Helsinki.


Ha! I wasn’t sure if it had been, but I was too lazy to go back thru’ the previous 550 posts! :wink:

I was just at their store the other week buying Deoxit Fader F5 spray for my Raiden Fader…


Wow, that’s awesome! I want to point out that they are making them in black (shown at the bottom of the page), which looks much better IMHO.


I agree about the black version, looks much better, although strangely the only picture they have is a CAD render of it.


Sorry if this one has featured above. I had been following this thread and I think this fits here - I’m sure I would have liked to see it posted anyway. Ordered today. 2 by 4 channel or 1 by 7 mixer in 6hp with low power draw ARC Serge Audio Mixer (RC)


Here is some minimal battery powered mixers marketed toward the production sound mixer for field use.

battery powered mixers marketed toward the production sound mixer for field use.


Not really a mixer in the sense of the rest of this thread, but this popped up while I was browsing kickstarter…

Basically a pretty nifty aux send/return set-up for a single instrument. Single mono in, but could be a really nice way to bring in pedals or external effects down stream of a eurorack or other synth.


Radial Key-Largo might belong in this thread.



This little mixer needs better marketing. It is priced in between the Mackies 802 and 1204, gives you six channels, three of which have a 15dB drive with a nice sounding soft clipping. It’s got three different buses (main mix, aux with stereo return, and “bus”), and channel one has a dedicated output (to use for bringing in line level stuff). It’s not voltage controlled, but neither are the Mackies.
I couldn’t find the specs on the send and return levels, but connecting in it to a delay pedal worked just fine.
Sound quality is pretty good, not the best, but more than enough to make this an option worth considering.


A couple years later…please make this Brian. Still casting about for the right solution and the need for a Monome-style simple mixer feels distinct.


Turns out it’s super-interesting; the Knobs video explains more:

in some ways, it’s a bit like a foot-controlled matrix mixer. There’s a single mono input but three mono return loops, and because of the ways you can cascade and shape feedback (not to mention the way the ‘Tails’ options works), it feels like a really interesting thing. I mean, those s/r loops could take a pedal, or a pedal chain, but could also take another instrument in with no send, or send out to euro/computer for processing.

And: each channel gets HPF/LPF so you can shape what gets sent to it.

The Knobs video made me appreciate the design a lot.