Minimal mixers


Knobs might be single-handedly responsible for my recent resurgence in guitar pedal GAS. I was pretty much completely done and moved on to the world of modular - pedals didn’t interest me anymore. Then stuff like this comes along.


there is this little rare beauty for sale…gonna end soon…


I’ve been searching for a good minimal mixer for awhile, and have considered building something custom a few different times but haven’t gotten around to it.

The Lifeforms System Interface definitely seems to be the closest to what I imagine as an ideal minimal mixer. Big fan of the toggle main/bus switches (could imagine using them to send bursts of audio to the bus output with a delay feeding back into the mixer or something like that) though for my own uses I’d probably want to set it up in its own case for times when I wouldn’t have the modular, which makes it a more costly option.

The Vixen is also a very interesting option, and could power some pedals or other 9V synths up to its 3A max. I mainly just wish the primary knobs (channel volumes and master volume) were not tiny, and I personally think the full size 1/4" send I/O is odd given that one can easily use 3.5mm<>1/4" adapter cables and that could have made the panel much less crowded. I get the idea of avoiding adapters, but it means you have pretty huge cables hanging off a relatively tiny device.

Is anyone using a KOMA Field Kit as their main performance mixer? Not really minimal in a pure sense, but if you see value in the rest of what it does, the mixer is simple and seems effective…but it isn’t stereo :frowning:


Totally. A positive spin I like on it is “how can I patch my modular to do this” which is surprisingly achievable in a lot of instances with common utilities. Knobs as patch inspiration I guess


Where did you read that it’s mono/stereo? I’m not finding reference to either.


it’s not. i’m an idiot. sorry!


I bought this just now. Don’t know if it work. Does anyone know anything about it?
Still don’t have power cable. 4 in and 2 out, probably mono all the way. Already in love with it. The feeling is just great. It has a Neutrik LNE mains power connector that seem quite hard and expensive to find and purchase.


glued on LEGO?! maybe need to expand on that idea… :heart_eyes:


What a find. It’s beautiful!

edit: + snygg ideal-klibba :wink:


There is a lot to love here. That greenish-gray. That single red light. A scribble strip—naturally.


Those volume controls! Am I interpreting them correctly: zero volume at the top… fading up in volume as you pull them down… and then a hard mute if you go all the way down? I’m imagining some lovely feedback as you hit the top volume and resistance as you pull it down to mute.


I think this is quasi-on-topic enough to mention here. The new Disquiet Junto communal music project this week involves a conceptual matrix mixer:


old school BBC tech from the mirror world ; i had only heard about it till now, first time i see a photo.


All BBC mixing desks for radio used to have pull down faders… I still think they are the ‘right way’ to do faders…

the design was so that if there was an issue with the studio manager or on the desk, it all shut channels would be as far away as possible… so someone tripping into the desk would not knock everything off the back stop.

I also feel that opening a channel by bringing forefinger to thumb is a much more elegant design…


EDIT: the jacks are probably bantam jacks though…


As I was also looking for a minimal mixer for my live setup and didn’t exactly find anything small enough I decided to build one this week. This is a very basic buffered mixer with 6 mono ins and 1 mono out. I am planning on building a slightly larger one next with built-in pre-amps for my kalimbas, a basic eq section for those, one auxiliary bus and some mute buttons.

Here are a couple of shots of the first one:


Super nice!
Well done!


Here’s a passive matrix mixer I made recently. It’s mostly intended for mixing pedal effects. The interface and signal boards are separate, and I’m going to design compatible active and MIDI-capable boards to replace the passive sections as needed. Clearly Monome-inspired, so I figured it was appropriate to share here!


Can anyone ID this little box? My searches for MX-6 come up with a lot of different, bigger products :thinking:



The Rexer Mx-6


Interesting… Thanks!