Minimal mixers


sign me up if you decide to share those as DIY projects!


Have we already done the Sony MX-650 and the Electro Harmonix MX-3M?

(Could someone write a python script to do google image searches for “MX” + number and evaluate the resulting images against the rest of this thread, to find new and undiscovered minimal mixers in the wild?)


I’d not heard that explanation - the one I heard was that it was a better metaphor: you ‘draw’ the sound out of the speakers/stage towards you; the more you pull it out, the louder it is. Which I liked. Your explanation is more practical, tho…


LOVE this design
if you make a limited run I might cave


I love these kinds of knobs ^^


I ended up going with the Hikari Atten-Mixer. Doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’s hard to beat 7 channels in 8hp. It’s worked out great so far.


Bought a Sony MX650 for $20 bucks on eBay after seeing this post.


Oooo the uraltone tube sounding mixer has been eurofied.


They’re selling this li’l gem where I work if anyone was interested:


I get a lot done with these two. Definitely helps having the pair, but this is in no way a minimal solution. Leaves quite the footprint. I do like the option of using both rotaries and faders depending on the application.

I think my biggest wish for these would be having an extra alt output on each. I use the Alt 3-4 out as a send… Would love it if there was an Alt 5-6.


Cute! I feel like this could be the same company that made the one Marcus and I have because its name is Mike Mixer too.


While looking up the MX-650, I also discovered the MX-6S. Definitely minimal! Reminiscent of the Arc. :slight_smile:


i love this thing


If this was a 24 channel mixer, it’d have 48 sends and returns. That’s impressive.


recycle !!




I’d use it… :grin:


That is one awesome mixer.


There’s a (slightly less well specified) ex-BBC AD145 up for £200 on Gumtree in South London at the moment: (not mine, and not bidding myself)


As far as minimal mixers for Eurorack, we just released this: