Minimal mixers


This popped up on Instagram. Nice idea for software control if it proves reliable. Maybe a bit expensive?


Just picked up this for the averaging mode. I’ll let you all know how it works…


That’s a handy little thing. Sits right next to my Just Friends. Try pushing it for nice clipping sound.


Why would you mix JF externally with a unity mixer vs using the built in mix out? I can use using a mixer with level/attenuation…


To route them differently. Say, first three voices into one filter, the other three into another.


Ah yes, that makes sense as a 3x2 mixer.


Video is offline, know where I can find it? I miss Sasu Ripatti, he’s been away from the game a couple of years now… :disappointed_relieved:

Also, do anyone know of any alternatives on a minimal/compact mixer with multiple (like 4) aux sends ?


Is this one?


From low-gain electronics:


oooh is that going to be available?

I’d like to experiment more with matrix mixing in the video realm


According to his instagram post, you can have it for $150


I picked up a Xiwi passive matrix mixer a few months ago (just before he closed up shop). I like it, but signal strength drops off pretty significantly the further away you go from the the signal…which makes total sense, it’s passive, but it’s taken some getting used to. Given the passive nature of that new one (which looks super cool) wanted to call that out. For posterity.


he is also making an active version for eurorack.

i have the 4x4 doepfer matrix mixer and it is pretty solid.


I’ve been loving the Xiwi still. The Lowgain one looks cool, but maybe a touch bigger than I would like. Glad there are more out there though, because it seems like there’s a lot of potential for matrix mixers :slight_smile:


Does anyone here use the uraltone mixer mentioned earlier? I’d like to hear how “not clean” the sound is as the eurorack version would fill a couple of nees in my infant system (headphone amp and effetcs sends). And it looks to be a really simple build.


That reads like it’s a one-off and not something he’s going to market with.


Pcb’s for the standalone passive version are available from Modular Addict. The euro active version will follow.


(yes, i miss vladislav as well :frowning: )


Is there any benefit to using a passive matrix mixer vs. an active design, besides the decrease in parts and not requiring power? It seems that an active mixer isn’t very complex to begin with, and most of the cost is in the pots / knobs / jacks that are needed regardless of being active or passive.


I suppose that one of the nice things about a passive device is just that it doesn’t need batteries or power - makes it smaller and easier to use. Although… 11 cables coming out of your 5x5 isn’t much worse than 10.