Minimal mixers


i’ve been wondering as well.
I keep thinking I will just bit the bullet and order one but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Any suggestions for decent MIDI/digital mixers with faders and send knobs? I’m using a basic one from novation and It’s working pretty well to be honest but the black plastic aesthetic just isn’t doing it for me (or do MIDI controllers not count as mixers ¯_(ツ)_/¯)


Do you know the maker? That’s so cool looking but I can’t find anything except a link back to this post.


Ha. That looks like a custom version of the one @laborcamp just posted. Only PCBs are available apparently.


I got in touch with Uraltone, but they got back saying they have no video/sound files they could share to illustrate the nature of the sounds. I had it in my basket over the hols but the shipping to UK seems harsh so I left it. Would still be less than £100 for a mixer, aux effect send, headphone amp which is probably very good value! And would be fun to have another DIY project in my system.


Nothing against Uraltone, especially as some of their stuff seems interesting, but it is hard to get a feel for whether or not something would work for you without a basic example :neutral_face:

Also, their cases seem potentially interesting, but not enough information to really tell.


Does anybody know if the Doepfer 4x4 matrix mixer is passive or active? I suppose it’s active, but there’s nothing mentioning it anywhere


It is active (20 chars)


thanks! Then it looks like a good option to me! Sure there’s more powerful ones, but I think a simple one like that could be good enough for me.


Yeah, I’ve been happy with it. The only thing I sometimes wish for in Eurorack land is more CV control, like the 4ms VCA Matrix… but that is much bigger and more expensive.


A friend of mine has that one and it seems pretty cool. But yeah very big!


Active. It’s great. I’ve used it for quadraphonic performances and other effect chaining purposes


thanks for confirming Marcus!


Has anyone fooled around with the KOMA Poltergeist?


Sorry for the NAMM spam, but this one is a long time coming.


I haven’t seen anywhere that describes what the “width”, “dynamics” and “speed” knobs do. Any idea?


I don’t quite understand why you’d build in speakers on a mixer for devices with built in speakers…


Because you want the output to be only the mix? As opposed to hearing all the devices all the time.


fair enough :blush:

I have a Volca Beats that I like quite a lot, but the speaker doesn’t do a lot for me. I suppose if I were content to listen through built in speakers, I would just “mix” with the volume knobs on the individual devices. Maybe other users will find the speakers useful, but at first glance I’d personally rather have just about anything else (another channel, more EQ, MIDI/sync input, etc.) rather than 2 tiny speakers.


But this one has two puny speakers :wink: