Minimal mixers


Oh man. That is really tempting as an external modular mixer. :open_mouth: That’s a lot of good utility in one place. I wish those DC outs for the other units were on the side.


It looks like it has basic analog effects built in, a stereo expander and a compressor:

WIDTH knob: This knob sets the amount of stereo width provided by the STEREO EXPANDER.
DYNAMICS knob: This knob sets the amount of level reduction applied by the COMPRESSOR.
SPEED knob: This knob sets the response speed of the COMPRESSOR’s envelope follower.


Cool. That’s all useful stuff :slight_smile:


Damn, that Volca Mixer looks nice… It could definitely replace the small mixer I use for live performances (not that I play live often these days :pensive:).


Three channels does seem a funny number… especially since adding a forth might encourage people to buy another Vocla.


It will perhaps have the same problem as the Field Kit, i.e. that you have to attenuate all the signals coming from the modular or it will totally distort.


Bugbrand active matrix mixer!


wow gotta have that volca mixer.

my main hangup with smaller mixers is that I like an aux channel for my El Cap, this thing looks just perfect. love the lil speakers too. I guess the power chaining for other Volcas will be lost on me but that’s a small price for a small mixer at a small price (with internal fx?).

start the complaints about no 1/4" out.


It’s been mentioned here before, but - if you don’t need the Volca power, consider the PBMIX3… though oddly, it seems to have disappeared from the PatchBlocks site…


I think Thomann still have it in stock.


shipping from Thomann to the US puts it over the price of the volca with less features. the stereo 3-4 channel on the volca is great for me and if there is a tame, transparent/mellow reverb internal effect i’m cool. we’ll what happens when that mixer hits the streets and gets put through some paces ofc


Not crazy about the aesthetics, but the feature set is pretty sweet!
Wish the inputs were in a different place to leave more room for the send knobs.


The low channel count is especially weird when you consider that Korg’s own intro video required the use of two mixers to actually make things work.


I’m waiting on my Volca-informed Vixen mixer from this Kickstarter. It’s got two sends (no speaker).


Maybe the reasoning is that this way you can put 4 Volca devices (the mixer + 3 Volcas) into a case, or that if you put them on a table you don’t have a weird extra Volca breaking the nice rectangular shape :slight_smile:

I’m glad this is a bit different from the Vixen, so it’s not cannibalizing its market.


Yeah, I can also see where, since the Volca line is currently at six sound-generating devices, the idea might have been to get one mixer for every three devices. Would be interesting if you could then somehow link mixers.


I got one of these too for my Ciat lonbarde stuff!


I emailed the designer of this and asked about a version for modular level signals and he said he will likely do a version like that and as a eurorack module! I’d love to have one of these to submix all my voices and to make my rack a whole lot more portable.


That’s super. I look forward to it.


That looks like it would be great. Did they communicate any kind of timeline around that?