Minimal mixers


No specific timelines, just encouraging words. Looks like some new information has surfaced since they went into production.

This is from the FAQ in October and matches what I got in a personal message.

At the moment the Vixen will not handle Eurorack levels. We are looking into the possibility of offering two variants of the Vixen for use with Eurorack.

  1. DESKTOP. This would be a tweak of the Vixen design to allow it to handle Eurorack signal levels on all channels. It would omit the Volca power hub and use a new faceplate to indicate this is the Eurorack version. It would still be a standalone tabletop device in a plastic housing.
  2. MODULE. This would be a proper Eurorack module: metal faceplate, ribbon cable for power, modification to internal power supply to accept 12V input, omit Volca power hub, all channels accept Eurorack levels.
    There’s no guarantee that these two variants will be produced. But at the moment it looks highly likely. We are working on the idea and will know more by late October. If we are able to pull this off, we will produce the Eurorack versions at around the same time as the regular Vixens.

BUT In an comment just posted yesterday (coincidence no? :D) regarding the new korg volca mix, he said this.

Initial testing shows that the Vixen can handle Eurorack signals with ease. This will be confirmed in a few weeks.

I may actually order one now given this new info. His plan to remove the volca power hub from the portable eurorack version is a bummer in my opinion. I thought that hub could be a nice way to power some pedals. Wasnt sure about the polarity of those but he then says :

POWER OUTPUT: Power can be provided to Volcas or other Korg gear that uses the same barrel plug size. KVgear also makes a special cable that reverses polarity and will match the barrel plug size used on most effects pedals.
POWER INPUT: The Vixen and anything connected to its power hub can be powered by its internal batteries (not included), by the included AC power supply, or by a large external battery pack that you supply. The Vixen is fully mobile!

A small-footprint, mobile 8 channel mono & stereo mixer with panning and 2 fx sends is precisely the mixer I’ve been wanting. I’m only kicking myself now for not backing the kickstarter (where all this info is coming from).


some news from 4ms


The listen4 is exactly what the next project to hit my development bench was going to be, it looks great! Exactly what I was thinking!


I wonder if the daisy-chain headers could potentially be compatible with the intellijel mix up. These two combined would be kinda perfect for a small in-rack mixer.


I wondered that too. If not compatible then probably hackable


im expecting my first minimal mixer for touring etc and based on my needs i think this a very diverse and well thought through mixer.

Mackie U420


Made a sale today so decided to test the waters with the uraltone. Will report back when it arrives and I get it built.



Can anyone id this one?

Comes from this photo where it sits in front of a massive SSL console.


probably is a headphone mixer


How are you liking the Frap tools mixer modules so far?


I don’t think this was linked here before, but this is quiet a nice overview of quiet a lot of eurorack mixers, including relatively small/minimal ones


I like them. On a basic level, I think I really like a tiny eurorack mixer VS and traditional tiny mixer.

It’s very convenient to have everything working with mini jacks. Mainly though, being able to patch into it for panning, FX send amounts, channels volumes, definitely adds a lot of functionality that can have a significant and noticeable effect in the music. In that track, so much of the final ‘feel’ comes from CV control of the mixer pots – control over the stereo image is very nice in my mono setup. I like that.

As far as what it’s like VS other eurorack mixers, I don’t know. The price is high, and I think at one point I did notice some channel bleed, but its hard for me to notice if that was/is a problem because of the type of music I make (not too many quiet spots). I like that its expandable, although I think I will keep it as is. I also very much like the ascetics (something I am a sucker for).

I like to have it out of my main case and its own small one, although getting those modules and all the cables in there was quite an ‘experience’. :sweat_smile:

I’m not an audio professional by any means though. :bird:


Cool, sounds very good! And yeah, CV control over stereo image/pan is one of the reasons I’m interested in them. Together with the effects send.

I’m considering them as well, they are a bit more HP then I’d like for 3/4 channels, but since you effectively get CV controllable VCA, panning and effects send (2x) I think it actually comes out quiet OK at 24hp for 3 channels (forgoing the master module).

And yeah, I think they look beautiful as well :slight_smile:


One interesting part about mixerblocks:

The Basic channel block is compatible with the Colour format series circuit blocks from DIYRE. These are various small modules with a standardized footprint and connectivity that replicate certain classic analogue circuits’ sonic “color”. By using them, one can slightly modify (colour) a channel’s sound. A switch is used to bypass the module and an RGB LED indicates the “type” of Colour circuit that’s connected.


Something is wrong with that picture: If that 8-ch box is sitting on the floor - then it is huge, and the jacks are enormous. If it is normal sized… it is floating in mid air.


Perched on a thin microphone like stand maybe? Cool trick.


Pretty minimal if you need a euro mixer and have some rack space!


Seems really weird to have the faders above the jacks. But apart from that, awesome!


I don’t know what it is, but somehow i feel super attracted by everything Ladik lately!