Minimal mixers


I think it totally makes sense for classic upright-case use, this way you don’t have the cables hanging in front of the faders all the time. For tabletops it is of course not so great.

I honestly wonder how they are able to make these prices. Stuff seems very decent though.


I love it!
But it would need to be the “upside-down” version for me… I need my mixer flat, close to me.


There’s a 3-channel version, too! Ladik has sort of a crazy number of simple mixing modules, now that I have finally checked them out. Their I/O modules are also extremely simple and seem like could be really helpful for basic line-in/line-out or 4ch line-in boosting for not much more than you’d pay for parts to build your own.


I have had quite a few Ladik modules over the time.They are super solid


good to know! There’s quite a few that seem very useful and I like that they keep them really basic.


Any opinions on the Verbos Scan & Pan?

Seems like a pretty solid stereo 4-channel mixer with somewhat unique stereo spread functionality.


i had a scan and pan for a while when i first got into eurorack. it’s awesome, but i found it too gritty sounding for me.


Haha, gritty’s part of the reason why I like it so much!

LOTS of gain to have here. There’s so much opportunity for amplitude modulation, or really any and all modulation. Can also be beneficial to use as an effects send if you use split L + R as dry and wet.


Shameless self promotion - I have a few Ladik modules for sale in a trade thread, including I/Os and VCA.

Ladik modules are built well and VJ is great. I would suggest everyone who’s interested in his designs email him about the jack placement - he seems to be very receptive to feedback.


If you buy it second hand make sure it’s not from the first production run, it had an annoying hardware bug where moving the volume would change the pan as well (or the other way around can’t remember). Apparently they fixed it on later runs.


I have it and like it a lot. As long as you’re careful with the trim pots up top, it is clean (otherwise a bit gritty as noted below). I use it as as a 4-in, 2 out mix and am happy with having the faders


Disclaimer: my experience doesn’t come from owning it but rather trying it out at a store. For it’s size, what it offers is great. But one of the (non-essential) features that really drew my to it was the scanning in combination with panning. I intended to use that for very subtle effects. However, doing so is impossible because there is a “step” at the beginning of the scanning curve, when a channel starts being affected by it: it jumps from 0 gain to some gain, which is really frustrating.

If I remember correctly also the faders are something like a gain offset — fader at bottom doesn’t mean the channel is closed (unless the top pot is at minimum), which is something I’m not a fan of.

I would have really liked to like it because the specs and sound are great, but I don’t. I’m dawn more and more towards RxMx for it’s butter smooth scanning and flexible routing, although I’ll have to cover panning from another angle.

Mixer Design

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It’s big and it’s pricy, but the new ADDAC stereo mixer has every feature you could possibly want:

I suppose that makes it the opposite of a minimal mixer…


I have an idea for a minimal mixer but I’m not sure if it exists or could exist.


  • 6hp, same footprint and general layout as Ansible; 8 ins = 8 channels (where the current jacks 1-8 are on Ansible); 2 x stereo 3.5mm jacks for main/headphone output and mono/stereo aux ouputs (where the current clock/input jacks are on Ansible); USB connector for Grids or the TBA 16n Faderbank
  • Each channel operates two columns of Grids or two faders of 16n; First column in a channel sets volume (VCA) level; Second column in a channel sets panning; Each function is differentiated by pattern of lights for Grids
  • Short press of config button cycles to aux output page; Long press opens up config page for various options TBD (master volume, mono/stereo aux jacks, slewing and presets are at least some functions I could see)


more with the 16n than the grid but both would be nice.


I just finished building the eurorack version of the Uraltone mixer. They are located a few blocks away from my home so I got it to show support. I also have their spring reverb.

All my other modules are away (except for one VCO for testing) so no demo available. It has a lot of functionality for the price.




Started assembling the uraltone. Not too bad a build with one caveat. All the instructions are in Finnish, so been Google translating. Also the build guide is for the standalone version not eurorack, so I am stuck guessing which resistors go in the section not on the build guide. Have msgd them for clarity.

Aside from that, the PCB is really well labelled and matches up with the build guide (save for the section mentioned above)


Send me a message if you need better translations from Finnish than Google offers. =) Also, my friend has built the stand-alone version, I can ask him also if needed.