Minimal mixers


:crossed_fingers:I have a day this weekend when the house is wife and child free so going to get it done. It looks relatively straight forward. If you want I can send through the documentation if you’d like to have a look first?


I also like the idea of a module with plenty of inputs and inputs, controlled by a grid. I have something similar. I thought I could post it here, in case it might interest someone. So… for info: I’ve built a matrix mixer with a Monome and an ES-8 and a Raspberry Pi (it has some additional functions, it’s not only a mixer), I’m using it everyday it’s working great now.

Here’s the layout at the moment:
Page 1 -> Matrix mixer for 12 inputs and 16 outputs
Page 2 -> Input attenuators
Page 3 ( A B C D) -> Sends gain
Page 4 -> Midi faders (used to control the volume of my synths)
Page 5 -> CV or Midi polyphonic Quantizers (“beta” state, it’s just a quantizer inspired by Uscale and Qubit Chords, I’m using the CV capabilities of the ES-8, not just the audio)
To be continued… There’s no Panning page but that would be easy to add.

And things accessible on every pages:

  • 2 channels recorder (records to SD card)
  • 16 custom functions (in my case, they’re mapped to randomizers for Strymon pedals, P12 randomizer and control of the looper of Strymon Timeline).
  • Write ( saves the state of the console), Load (console recall) and clear.
  • (used to have a momentary switch to display vu-meters but that wasn’t really reliable, too much processing power for nothing, removed now)

It’s a work in progress, many pages are still free. Of course, it’s made for an ES-8, the software lives in a Pi3 (pureData), etc… I had to create something with the things I have (especially the Monome 256 which was not used anymore)

Here’s a proof of concept posted last month (many things have changed now), at that time the channel numbers were reversed but that gives an idea of the project. (and the reason why I built this setup is explained in the description ^^)

And now it looks like that

Edit : The thing boots up faster than my Mac and recalls the latest console state, that was my goal: a kind of dawless standalone setup

Full setup:
8 audio inputs from UAD (or any other interface with ADAT output) to ES_8 via ADAT
++ 4 inputs directly on the ES_8 module

8 outputs to ES_8
++ 8 more outputs to ADAT (I only use two of them at the moment to send a mix to an Apollo Twin, I wish I could find a standalone recorder with ADAT inputs)

The pi is also connected to an Iconnectmidi4+
And a Softstep 2
Bluetooth over midi for communication with Roli blocks

Recording multi channel Eurorack

this is amazing! I don’t know why the idea of RPi/ES-8 hadn’t come to mind before, but this is pretty inspiring!

Did you have any trouble getting the various hardware/software elements working together?


Thanks ! No, it was quite easy. I had to learn a bit of Linux, but a post on this forum really helped me to set the Raspberry Pi up. The ES-8 is USB class compliant and is recognized directly by Alsa on Raspbian stretch. Serialosc and Puredata are also easy to install on a Pi. The latency is quite low.

Edit: It took one day to install the Raspberry pi and two weeks to create the puredata app (This part is still a work in progress)


Not to derail… but I wish I could find something like the ES-8, but not Eurorack: I’d love to bundle it in an enclosure with my Rpi, powered from same source (so only +5v), and have the inputs/outputs be nominal line level, not Eurorack level. Sure, I could just get some giant Focusrite interface… but so big… separate box…


I don’t know if something like this exists… I know how to power a raspberry pi in a Eurorack case. In a small case with a small power brick and a Terminal Tedium to host the Pi (around 50 $), that would be the same power source. Perhaps it is another way of doing that. I don’t need to attenuate the levels of line inputs sent to the ES-8, it’s acting like a regular audio interface. What would be missing in this setup are 8 audio inputs, since an ES-3 (via ADAT) would only add 8 physical outputs. Well, that was just an idea :slight_smile:

Edit: Or would an ES-6 add 8 inputs via ADAT ? it works for audio


What about a minidsp module?

EDIT: Caveats being:

  • 12v power needed (not a huge deal I guess)
  • Its almost as expensive as an ES-8
  • Gotta provide your own jacks (has RCA but also terminals for whatever you want)
  • Slightly bigger than a Pi Unit but maybe this doesn’t matter

Pluses being:

  • More outputs
  • You can connect a miniDIGI for $30 which adds 2xToslink and SPDIF inputs and a Toslink and SPDIF output each - this is a pretty big plus.


Saved this from the bin at work. Hoping it’ll be a useful utility mixer!


its my favorite mixer ever… used it in every show i’ve done in the past 10 years or so. only now its starting to break slightly. looked forever for a new one on ebay!!!


Couple of these Sony mixers on eBay… dig the style!


Got one too,
It’s a useful little mixer.


mixers are such personal pieces of gear imho…i for one love faders. my ideal mixer is one with basic eqing, faders, but with at least 4 aux sends, but in a very small package. (analog, i don’t like digital mixers for my own stuff).
i now have two: one in the studio (allen & heath gs3, old 24 channels inline studio mixer with 8 groups and 4 sends) and one for gigs (soundcraft spirit folio sx, 20 ch on 16 faders, 4 outs but only 3 aux sends one of which is only prefader, this one has been with me for about 20 years)


Love this thread, glad I finally have something to add to it.


^ hm, i was just considering the “voco loco”, which is similarly styled thing with mic preamp, fx loop, eq.

kinda pricey tho.


Looks good, at least you know it’ll be well built coming from them.


if it could record each input separately via usb itd be killer at the price but it seems like it just recs the stereo mix (assuming my understanding of 2x2 interface is in line w current spec lingo)


I believe so, yep! 20



That’d be fun to repaint.


I know! Kinda fugly look!