Minimal mixers


Could look great though! :relaxed:


I remember that the first (actually only) time we recorded something with an on and off band I played in when I was a student, the guy who came to the actual garage we played in to record our stuff used one of these. And recorded everything pretty badly to one stereo track with an annoyingly loud kick drum but still, nice memories…

That actually looks like a very decent portable solution though, how’s the headroom on this (and does it clip nicely when pushed) ?


Not so “minimal”, but the aesthetic is real nice


Those Boss mixer sound great. Plus send/return per channel… Yes please.


I know! Saw it in the mtl sell group, but already “sell pending”…


Oh funny! That’s my bandmate selling it then.


Matrix mixer that Thomas Ankersmit uses. Seems to be custom?

Full setup here:


That looks a lot like a Hinton Instruments mixer:

Maybe he got one made to order?


i have one of those. The level input can be driven into lots of distortion.,The filters are fine too.


Picked this lil guy for mixing 4 drum tracks into a single before going to my main mixer. It’s pretty minimal :slight_smile:


yeah! i think you might have just won the thread


Now that @steveoath has won the thread, I can post this whatever-the-opposite-of-minimal-is mixer.


A maximal mixer thread sounds like fun :wink:


Really like this one. Way beyond my budget and would rather spend the cash on other gear, but definitely deserves an applause.


What’s up with the SCSI box? Does he have a mic on it?


EDIT: Found this interview, describing what it is (vaguely):

TA: The audience sees my movements as gestures, but all I’m doing is playing the instrument. Nonetheless, the haptic and the tactile are certainly important; just as important as knowing which knobs on the Serge crackle – so that it can be used as a crackle generator. This is why I move bits of metal back and forth in a little short-circuiting interface I built. I also often have a contact microphone around my neck with paper clips or something like that attached to it. I have several simple hardware boxes and techniques to make the electronic music somewhat more tactile. Sometimes I hit or scrape things. That sound can then be run through ten different synth modules that make it sound completely different, but I’m still introducing a measure of tactility to the music, and that’s very valuable for a musician.


Yeah, looks like the short-circuiting interface mentioned. There are labeled leads going from the box to the serger, and the slot at the top is labeled. Interesting!




I love those sliders. Not sure I’ve ever seen them in that style before, but it makes perfect sense for ergonomics.


I got this thing today :slight_smile: