Minimal mixers


looks great! would love to hear some impressions when you’ve tried it out :slight_smile:
seems like something that could work in my portable setup…


Reminds me of this mixer i had as a kid:

I am sure yours is nicer because this thing was garbage imo.


Those mixers look way too similar for it to be a coincidence! I’d wager they’re made by the same company…


Haha. Hopefully mine was bad for external reasons such as living near the sea. The whole thing rusted


Cool, and it’s only €40! What do you use it with?


I just saw the same mixer in a shop with a different brand on it, seems to be a common design…


I got one of these incoming… same design, different brand.



I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a small analog mixer for ±4 stereo inputs, ideally with 1 or 2 aux sends and USB connectivity so it can also function as a soundcard (2in/2out is fine for now).

It seems like all analog mixers are mono, only DJ mixers seem to do stereo, but they are usually quiet big. I’d like to be able to just plug in some hardware stereo synths and mono synths with stereo effects to a box that’s as small as possible.
Or am I doing something “wrong” and is there a better/simpler way to solve this problem?


if you’re looking for analog, why have it also be your soundcard? If you drop that requirement, there are plenty of Yamahas and Mackies out there.

Unless—oh I see, the number of stereo inputs is higher than I’ve seen on a lot of mixers. Most mixers do have stereo output, so one option is to get a bunch of TRS to dual TS 1/4" “insert” type cables, and then just pan the tip channel hard left and the ring channel hard right. Kind of a pain, though, I guess.


Mainly because I’d like to have as small a setup as possible. I need a mixer, would be nice if it could replace my soundcard, then I don’t en up with n+1 devices :wink:
If it’s not possible no problem of course :slight_smile:

My main issue with using the “mono-focused” mixers for this is that they take up a lot more space because when treating a stereo signal as two separate channels you get almost 100% redundant controls that take up space.
To be honest I was quiet surprised to see many mixers have support for 1 or 2 stereo channels next to the mono channels but not one mixer supporting only stereo channels.


There are quite a few mixers that feature mostly stereo channels, but they’re mostly rackmount. In a portable form factor all I can think of is the Radial Key Largo, but that’s 3 channels and only 1 AUX. I’ve been looking for something similar and will probably end up with a mackie 1202, as it’s the smallest mixer I’ve found with 2 sends and dedicated return inputs…


it is kind of interesting, right? I will say though, that for example my band’s setup really only has two truly stereo sources—Clouds, and a laptop, and I’d guess that’s not uncommon, hence your predicament.

If you’re looking to save space, maybe it would make sense to looking into audio interfaces with a number of ins that have a monitor out? Or a K-mix? Have only seen one, not tried it, but it seems crazy useful.


The Key Largo looks rather nice, it is quiet expensive though. I’ll have a look at rackmount options, I have a half-rack planned, so maybe I can find something that fits in that format.
The Mackie 1202 without the 4 mono channels would be perfect, and so much smaller than it is now. Maybe one can mod it? :roll_eyes:
Regarding rackmount, this looks quiet OK, just 1 FX send though, but still rather nice. Might be a good option since it can sit in a rack and not be on my desk. Does mean slightly less quick/easy access to volume control of course

Yeah, it’s totally understandable from a market perspective :slight_smile:

Audio interfaces with live monitoring could also be an option, though FX sends (and pan) will probably be missing. I was unpleasantly surprised by my NI Komplete 6, which has 4 input channels with “live monitoring” but that actually only works for the first two channels :expressionless:

K-Mix seems to be the best option thus far, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it, since I switched to hardware for more hands-on/tactile control and I’m not sure if the K-Mix will work well for that.

I did find this one, it’s digital though and relatively old (±10 years), so not sure how easy it’ll be to find one and how well it works


This one’s a bit better, as it has two sends and should be readily available


A couple of years ago I got a Yamaha AG-03 and now I’ve come to the realization I should have held out for something a bit less minimal. Chief among my complaints is the fact I can’t do a proper submix - and also that I paid more for it than I would have for a Mackie Mix8, which does offer that feature.


Patchblocks’ PB-MIX3: 3 stereo channels, main and aux busses (stereo), stereo aux return, headphone amps on both busses… internal rechargable battery… And very small!

Love mine.


I have one of those too!


That looks nice! How are you finding the 3.5mm connections? Not too tiny for studio use?
Pity it doesn’t allow control over aux send level.

Also did some more searching and found the Mackie U420, which was already posted in this thread Minimal mixers
It has 4 stereo inputs, 1 fx/aux send (no return though) and firewire. So close :stuck_out_tongue:


All the things I plug into that mixer sit just a few inches away, whether in the studio, or out at a gig. If I could find really nice, short 3.5mm to dual 1/4" cords, my life would be complete. For PiSound, which is 1/4" stereo, I use the lovely matching, short, 3.5mm patch cords PB sells, with some solid adapters.

Yeah, no volume on: when used as a cue, it is fine, otherwise, it is… a creative limitation.


I just picked up one of these beatnic mixers in Tokyo, doesn’t get much more minimal than this! (i’m aware this isn’t quite the type of mixer this thread is about)