Minimal mixers


wow, these are cute! almost the same as the price of shipping too, which is wild :joy:


I don’t think they sell the exact thing you want. But I’ve used the tiny stereo breakout cables that Hosa sell:


I have U420, it’s gotten really noisy over the years despite not using it all that much: not sure I would recommend one…


Ohw, that’s disappointing, especially from a company like Mackie from which I expected better.
Thanks for the heads up!


Not sure if this helps, and I can’t vouch for quality. But the soundcraft notebook series looks great and it’s analog.


super cute


In a similar vein, I’ve been eyeing this one for a while…

From these guys:

The flip-side panel is decidedly less minimal, but could hang with some Meng Qi stuff…


wow they just killed the name game with ~ knob farm ~


i use one of these.


That Erica mixer is excellent, really well thought out. I wish mine would fit in my ultra minimalist rig!


That hyrlo mixer looks dope. I wish with a mono signal the R jack could take CV for panning, though it seems like a good companion to a nearness or two! :thinking:


you’d have to have something like three more switches on the front panel to accomplish that, not to mention the circuitry additions!


I have quite a bit of mackie gear, mostly trouble free, but that one was not… it’s also quite big, not the most portable piece of gear!


Thanks for the additional info. It does indeed seem a bit unwieldy, so I guess I’ll keep looking for something else.

It seems like the best option so far is either a rackmount unit like the Samson SM10 you suggested or maybe a BOSS BX-8/80/800, although I’m unsure if they are not too noisy, people seem to mainly like them for their “grit”/overdrive.


Roland just announced (released?) this one, looks interesting!


I finished this up last night, a small passive 4-way mixer with kill switches (partly because I thought they’d be useful, and partly because I liked the look of them!). Click through for an image of the finished item.


Hungry Robot is making Eurorack devices in guitar-pedal format. Among the first batch is this tiny mixer:

Details in the, as always superior, Knobs video:


You can mod those into a rudimentary matrix mixer/fx send by just bridging the A and B inputs :slight_smile: I use mine that way.


Nifty! I think I would prefer having the mixer and output functionality in a single pedal though…


ah, of course! that’s good of you to mention, always wanted a matrix mixer - now i’ve got one :smile: