Minimal mixers


Simple passive “2 bus” mixer I whipped up (before Rip went back up for sale)… switches are on/off/on to select output (or mute).





i must really have a disease cause seeing that excites me so much!


minimal gear / interface / aesthetic -> maximal excitement



If you don’t need the cv jazz, Doepfer A-138s…


Grandmaster Flash, hero of DIY Minimal Mixers:


in my town of guelph. not minimal in size, but what a lovely thing!



Fake news:


There’s not much minimal about this (except the amount of patching as shown) but I like keeping my WMD performance mixer front and center in my control section. I like lots of reverb and delay for the kind of droney/textural stuff I do, so having aux sends and panning options in my case has been great.


Any Ontarians on here?


Not sure if it counts as small/minimal enough for this thread, but might be interesting for someone from the US



Just found this tiny battery powered mixer on eBay. Looks fun for outdoor forest jams! It’s also compatible with phones so it could double as an interface for Instagram and the like.


thanks for posting this! can you share the name or direct link to it?




This is the one.


Woah, weird. Does anyone have one of these? Is the echo button a pre-fader monitor switch that routes to one of the outputs like a DJ mixer? So, one output would be the main output and the other would be a headphone monitor?


I found a review that said it’s pretty bad sound quality and the inputs are mono.