Minimal mixers


I ordered one. Not expecting much from it but I’ll see how it goes. Maybe it could be upgraded with better components. Anyway looks like a fun “lofi” mixer :laughing:


Mattoverse makes a nice looking (albeit mono) 4 in 2 out minimalist pedal:


These looks pretty cool (one on Reverb right now for not much £). 6 channels with send and pan.

I have a Korg rack-mount delay (SDD1000) from the same era and it is a beautiful bit of kit.


I recently found out about the intellijel mixup when I was looking at eurorack mixers. 4 Channel Stereo Mixer with some limitations in 4HP. Surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned in this thread.


The Mixup is 6hp, and I think it’s a pretty ideal simple mixer for euro. The ability to chain them via a bus cable inside the case is really great. I have two at either end of my case, which makes it a lot easier to get signals together without having run cables from corner to corner.


Just ran into this Korg KMX-8, figured it might be of interest to some :slight_smile:


A Roland Aira module (like a Torcido or Bitrazer) makes an excellent rotary mixer for modular when internally re-patched via the Roland app. Someday I’m going to make a custom faceplate cover and wood ends for my Torcido as it is pretty much permanently patched as a mini-mixer.


This kit just popped up on Synthtopia:


And here is another new passive design.


I built one of these behind a blank for my Bugbrand panel - really great little circuit - super simple. I made mine with 3 nana inputs and 2 minijack outs. Channel 1 is left only, channel 2 is left + right with independent controls, and channel 3 is right output only.


It’s been a good long while since I bought or sold a piece of musical gear. This year has been about playing the things I have already. Slower than before.

I’m working on mapping out a stereo (mono too of course) signal path for live setups. This has been my fascination for a couple of years now. Looking for that simple, yet complex analog sound. It involves tube amps (more on that later), but also stripped down mixers. I’ve used some oscillators made by Michael Rucci on lots of recordings as well as live for a while. He’s not only a nice fellow (in text, as we haven’t met yet), but his designs are fun to play and are hardened nicely for road work.

I’m going to be using these a whole bunch coming up:


These mixers used as an ensemble of mixing options should work great feeding 2 small tube amps for playing with others as well as just playing sans P.A. on the floor in some small space out there in the real worlds.

I don’t treat stereo as stereo really most of the time. Just 2 channels of mono working along together and separately like a pile of snakes. One mono chan for each ear … haha



for some reason the stretching on this image is cracking me up. like, imagine bizarrely wide jacks on an actual Mix7 module


It’s actually giving me acid flashbacks. I’ve got to stop looking at it.


Not to derail the thread, but this image always does it for me



Yeah it’s creepy. Not sure why it’s doing it. If you click on it, then it displays fine…?


Fuuuuuuuuuuck whhhhhhyyyyyyy



Sorry to re-rail, but I’ll just leave this here… Midiman MicroMixer 18.
18 channels and ver small.
Also the seller appears to have amazing taste in music. Ahem…


Beautiful. Can we have a new thread just for these things please? Trippy images or something?


That is nice and bijou…probably a bit expensive unless its exactly what you want…no eq ,no mic,probably cant bring up a guitar signal… but love that it has 2 effects sends.
Haven’t listened to that AC marias lp for years. Must admit that after her contributions to Dome I was hoping for something a little more experimental when it came out. When I come across my vinyl copy I will have to give it another listen…Already have a mental note to find Desmond symonds (?) Alone again on penguin island… I have it in a box somewhere…

edit… Just realised…price is justified by your refurb-of course. no criticism of you intended.