Minimal mixers


No, I probably am asking a bit too much for it! I’ll reduce the price gradually until one of the watchers bites! I’m trying to get some money together for a Norns and 128Grid.

That One of Our Girls album is an old favourite of mine. I first heard about it from an AC Marias video I saw on Snuff TV on BBC2 many years ago. I’ve not heard the Dome stuff, but it’s been mentioned to me before. I’ll make a note to check it out and that penguin thing. Cheers


That’s really tasty! What’s the model?


Sherwood mixer system 800. The RCA inputs are cool, it allows me to plug my kaoss pads and stuff, and to re record my digital mixes with more dust. Probably not the best sound quality wise, but it looks good and sounds okay :slight_smile:


Not especially small but just right for a one man studio, I use a peavy PV6. see that there is one up on ebay (UK) for £70. Don’t know the seller but has decent feedback. Sort of recommend this mixer though. Its one of the worst ebay photos i have seen.


Can anyone recommend a mixer for me? I’m after:

4 mono input channels
4 stereo input channels
PFL for all channels
3-band EQ on all channels, with sweepable mid-range
2 x mono aux sends, 2 x stereo aux returns
Able to fit on a small desk with other gear

Something like the Mackie 1202VLZ is frustratingly close to being perfect, but it lacks sweepable mids: is there anything out there of a similar size / price which includes them?


The Bastl Dude has been around for a while now, does anyone have any experience with it yet? Noise issues, battery life, ect.?

Considering something ultra portable for an OP-1 > OP-Z > Norns setup.



I’ve never seen a small format mixer with sweepable mids on stereo channels: even bigger consoles don’t have them. There are a few Soundcraft and A&H with sweepable mids on mono channels that could bring you close…


Little rechargeable DJ style mixer

And the even more minimal


Nice find. Diggin that RPM-100. Think I’ll order one.


Not super minimal, but still quite small for the features:
I’m seriously considering this for the future, since I’m looking for something small, which will work both as a mixer and multi-channel audio interface.
What I think makes this very interesting is: two AUX busses (albeit only mono, which is a bit of a missed opportunity imho), 4 return channels from the DAW and a simple built-in recorder (for the master track only though). K-Mix still wins over this one, but it’s also more expensive, and I’m not sure about the touch-based interface.


That looks really interesting! I am thinking about replacing my portapro four track for a while, just to be able to quickly bring recordings with me on my phone.

So the recording feature here looks nice to have. Has anyone tried this out yet?


Just ran into another pretty minimal TEAC mixer, called “model 2”


Can the Bastl DUDE handle modular-strength signals? That could be handy for maximising the potential of a small external mixer, integrating guitar pedals, etc.



Bogen Cam 2


I’m not sure this qualifies as a minimal mixer, but it seems minimalist in spirit. It was beautifully fabricated by lines member Alessio Occhiodoro (@nff -

On the right side, it’s an active 5x5 matrix mixer, with independent line- and euro-level inputs, along with separate level controls and output jacks. On the left side, it’s a 5x5 vactrol-based VCA matrix, where each VCA can be switched into the corresponding intersection on the right. There’s a slew / smoothing control (white), along with an attenuverter (grey) for each VCA. When the attenuverter is in negative territory, the VCAs can produce a ‘ducking’ effect… in fact Alessio calls them ‘pluck and duck’ VCAs.

I’ve become interested in experiments with feedback, and this seems like a great platform for exploration. The VCAs make the mixer especially flexible (sounds produced on the matrix side can be ‘struck’ with a trigger, or it can be used differently as a voltage controlled mixer, etc). Very excited to start playing with this.

Thanks, Alessio!


this looks amazing!!! I’m considering one of his matrix mixers as well.


Thanks a lot Greg! It’s been wonderful making that beast for you :pray:

Lots of new stuff will see the light this year, get in touch if interested, I’m making custom units!


Beautiful ! and 20 chars


OMG. I have wanted to build something like this for years. so beautiful.