Minimal mixers


I’ll get in touch as soon as I’ve got the money and have spend some time to consider the possibilities in such a mixer and how to integrate it in my studio!


thanks! it was hard to let it go, indeed!


absolutely! get in touch at, we can talk about details and customization :control_knobs:


Not my auction but here is the ultimate minimal mixer (the kind used by the Philip Glass ensemble in the 70s) for sale ($400) in Maryland image


Time for a ‘maximal matrix mixers’ thread? :smiley:


also here a custom built matrix summing mixer

and lastly plenty of analog monsters


This is a beauty. We need a small, modern version of this design.


working on something quite similar in this very moment!


This is for me, and has been in the works for almost a year. I can’t wait to start using it. Working with @nff has been amazing.


Can you tell us more about this?



I had been following @nff’s work for a while, and also had been searching all over for a mixer with the features that I need, but not a lot of other junk. I approached him with an idea for a hybrid traditional/matrix mixer and we worked together via quick sketches to come up with this concept.

It’s a 10 channel line mixer and 4x4 matrix in one, with some smart integration and functions all around.

The 10 channels are:

  • Direct out (for recording)
  • 6.3mm and Banana input
  • VCA with 3.5mm and Banana inputs
  • 4 aux sends (to matrix)
  • pan
  • pre-fader cue (to headphones)
  • mute
  • level slider

The aux sends on the line channels feed the four rows of the matrix. The matrix columns have stereo outs and returns and direct outs. Each fader column is also mixed back into the master stereo output via the slider underneath it. The white knobs in the matrix represent a normalized feedback path, so turning up 2x2 location will feedback in column 2, for example.

Then there’s a headphone out and master stereo outs, as well as a ground banana.

I think that’s it (?). I hadn’t shared it here partly because I didn’t really consider it “minimal” :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, much appreciated, it’s been great indeed!


Will they be available for sale?


Oh my. This is very much right up my alley. I currently run a main mixer for straight audio and have the two aux outs routed into an old 1202 that is wired up as a feedback mixer. Having CV control over this is a long time dream.

@nff the more I look at your stuff the more I realize how much your design approach mirrors what I see in my brain. Very excited to see how this turns out.


I love the idea of a modular system based around a really functional / minimal mixing desk. Especially with some CV panning / matrix mixing involved. I’ve spent more time and money sifting through used audio / mixing gear to find something that sounds really good for modular synthesizer work than for anything else. Your desks look like a lot of fun to play. Is it too forward to ask what a desk like the one pictured will run in terms of cost? If so, I apologize for asking :>)


We’ve been working on this for a while with @emenel , turned out this type of layout brings on the table the best of both worlds, you have a “regular” mixer, PLUS matrix routing. And of course you can choose the size of both, depending on your needs.
I’ll make sure to post the results here! Thanks for the interest!


yepp available for sale, get in touch at !

EDIT: I can’t post more than 2 consecutive replies here in the forum, so I’ll write here in response at @horridus as well: Of course you can ask, no problem! I build custom units, so every unit has its price, get in touch and I’ll be glad to tell you the price of that unit and we can discuss customization for your specific needs as well.


back to the truly minimal, just picked this puppy up today. scratchy pots here and there, but everything works and the eq sounds very cool!

i thought it would be nice for a no-input mixer and my first try did not let me down:


Just saw this on Amazon - kind of gawdy looking (to me), but might fit the bill here. At $40 too :slight_smile: although reviews are definitely spotty.

EDIT: so there’s actually a whole bunch of em… here’s sthe “LOOP” model at $70.


I can’t believe we haven’t talked about the Maker Hart LOOP Mixer before… it is a very interesting beast - because it is designed to be daisy-chained with others in a loop - where each station can “inject” one channel, and each station gets to make their own mix. Designed for groups with independent monitor mixes.

But I get the sense one could do something wickedly creative with a bunch of them…