Minimal mixers


This one has my interest… if only for the on board compressors and summing.

o joy another small mixer than has 2 good channels and then some annoying stereo stuff i don’t need

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Exactly my thoughts… summing through this with an SSL bus compressor would be pretty great for that price.

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This definitely seems like an interesting and unique take on a pretty commonplace mixer setup (though maybe not too minimal).

l could see it being useful personally to integrate in my in the box, interface-based setup for mixing (with the monitoring and analog summing features), while also being useful standalone for live purposes.

Also, found this the other day and wanted to share here, but forgot–old studer mixer with built-in rotary phone (?!). Apparently was designed with sportscasting in mind, but I can imagine could be put to pretty cool experimental purposes. Wish it was cheaper!


that one is cute indeed but not worth that price.
I had a Studer A779 (6 channels, minimal but ultra nice EQ, two AUX) virtually the same as this one :
except the A779 has an extensive monitor section and mine had the expansion board (balanced AUX send+returns among other stuff).
really excellent small mixer if you can find one for a reasonable price (e.g. 1500 incl. exp.board IMO). I sold mine just bcs I found a 961.


Took the liberty to create a separate thread for the Maximal Mixers for those interested, so not to flood here. :grin:

EDIT: post has been moved HERE to the existing Matrix Mixers thread, thanks!

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I don’t exactly know yet what to do with this, but I’m sure it’s gonna make a lot of noize …


ow, i wish it had just 2 more mic inputs and i would finally have a usable outside broadcasting mixer, self-contained without the need to haul a rack of compression.

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That’s an instant buy for me. If I can find a sensible routing path for FX sends I’ll be in heaven (stereo cue 2 probably, off to peruse the details now).

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yeah, this thing gets a lot of stuff right.

this thing seems really compelling (as far as I understand it, I’m still behind the curve on understanding console terminology) but I have to believe that usb connectivity to simplify summing and act as an interface would have put this over the top.

Adding SSL quality converters would probably put this out of reach for most people looking for a 2-preamp/6-channel mixer. $1500 is reasonable but still, you could probably find an X-Desk for just a few hundred more. No SSL comp, but 16 channels of mixing and summing. Overall, a good price-point.

post samples of the “optional effects”!!!

ok, here we go


ok, that was loud!!!

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This Nagra BMII Mixer probably has been featured here before, but maybe its worth to post again


We recycled a fistful of old Shure broadcast mixers, but I managed to pull this one out of the pile for myself…


and I miss it a bit

actually one