Minimal mixers


Price: $69.99




this is like Club Blade Runner’s house mixer or something, I love it



3 fx sends… jacks on the back… amazing colors…

i love this thing!


and 3 separate stereo returns. I’m baffled this hasn’t appeared sooner!

@emenel is this yours? wondering if it also has any nice overdrive/distortion character. if so, it’s virtually perfect.

also I love its lil sibling :heart::


I wonder if that was designed to complement the TX816?


No, that was the MV802:


gotta mix all that spicy FM


Unfortunately it’s not mine. I’d love to get one, although I don’t actually need it :slight_smile:


I just picked up one of these and I am seriously impressed with the sound/look

Sony MX - 8

Not sure where it will fit in and maybe a case of GAS :slight_smile:


New heights of minimalism:



Just received an rpm-100 for my cassette tape jockey project and I can confirm that it’s really nice.
Super basic mixer but with headphone cue.
Build quality seem sturdy enough for live abuse.


Very weird feature set. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to crossfade between all four sources but it still looks very performance oriented. Super nice for field recording/drone performances.


Not minimal on the price but not out of reach…


Holy shit, I haven’t thought about that one in years. That was my first mixer! :joy: