Minimal mixers


Varia Instruments RMD20


For simple mixing from my modular I use the passive Art SPLITMix4:

and as I’m using it with modular levels I get plenty of headroom when outputting to line level. If I just use the Splitter section I can also use it to power headphones from the modular. All without power.


Interesting little product, stereo ins are a nice feature:

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been mentioned before here as its been in the works for a minute but tom whitwells new music thing looks so fun i love the constraints of this type of thing - it forces creativity in a fun way -


That could be interesting for feedback loops!

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FINALLY, my Startup mixer is finished and on sale at Thonk - definitely a module inspired and encouraged by this thread.


I had a Condesa Lucia for a year, it was great.

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Have had my eye on these for a while. Are they worth the price?

I’m stuck between this and the SSL X-desk.


depends : ) I wouldn’t put more than 1500 or so for one in good condition and with the expansion board.
I never used an X-desk, so I can’t compare.

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I have one and love it. Seems to last forever on batteries, and you can get some nice distortion/dirt when you dial past mid way. I love mine.


edit: misread your post as responding to a different mixer for comparison. nvm!

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Nice to see this one posted! A friend of mine designed this. Lovely mixer.


Ordered one as soon as I saw the tweet from Thonk. Excited to get this in to my rack!


congrats, tom! this looks very useful and well thought out :slight_smile:

looking forward to building one.

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The x-desk is flexible, elegant, super clean and has tons of headroom, but beware that it has no mic pres or eq on board.

The SSL SiX has (some) though.


Yeah the lack of pre’s or eq is fine! I plan on getting a 500 rack so having the option to choose my own pres is a huge plus.

The SiX looks nice, but made in china and I’m not sure if it will hold up over time.


We need to get over this stigma. China has a lot of really high end manufacturing for global and local companies. And people can make shit quality products in any country.


Sure, but it is an awful lot of SSL for a very low price which means they have cut a ton of costs somewhere. Thus my remark.


Yep, I agree. But it’s not about “made in china”, it’s about what they chose to cut… we can have that discussion without the generalization about a huge part of the world.

I’m also curious about some real hands-on experience with the Six… there’s a chance that they have figured out how to give it their sound and build at a lower price.

It’s also not that cheap, and not that full featured — two pres, really stripped down EQ and comp in only a few places…


Sorry to have rubbed you the wrong way. Let’s get back on topic.

One SSL Alpha Channel made in the UK is about the same price, so it is relatively cheap compared to their other products.