Minimal mixers

Good question, is it possible for example to use this as a sub mixer with headphone out to main mixer/interface without usb connected? (Yes I’m out of channels :weary:)

i tried one, it was too noisy to use at all so sadly i had to send it back

this little cutie


That is seriously cool! I’ve been waiting for Bastl Bestie (stereo Dude) but I’m very tempted…

cutie indeed! i just ordered one - thank you for the tip.

i’ll report back once i’ve given it the run-through. i wish for just a little less nano-features… like an aux send or two. or an alt bus… but maybe i’ll end up buying two of them and puttering?


i’m reeeeeeeeeally into this
features/shape/colours/type/size all appeal to me

my kiddo and i can both play it so seems like a win-win


If anyone has one of these already, I’d be curious how it performs with hot Eurorack signals please.

Not affiliated, but I do follow this shop on Reverb because they’re always posting Cool Stuff


Just ordered this one, 0hp mixer for eurorack audio signals. It is stereo, and even has very minimal EQ control.


Was tempted when I saw this in a local music store! Don’t really need a mixer that heavy though haha


some other small fostex mixers have been posted, but i’ve never seen this before (fostex mn-15), with built in compressor.


I have one of these, not sure if I posted here. Nice little thing, should dig it out. Winning combo with the GBA :slight_smile:


report on the CCTV nanodesk for those who are interested:

it’s excellent! does what it says on the box: clean, simple, tons of gain on the 1/4" mono input. not only did it amplify my (very hi-z) pianet, but if i cranked it, i got some nice overdrive for groovy bass parts. the 3.5mm inputs are set to stereo, though one can open up the back and switch to mono, which is simple enough to do.

will run off a 9v battery or a centre-positive DC power supply: worth noting if you’re hoping to include it in your pedal-chain power supply.

pretty low noise, faders feel good… and hard to beat the price (especially for us canadians, since there’s no brokerage nonsense crossing the border).

now if only someone would make such a thing with an aux send or two, or a second output bus… still looking for a small mixer for a live rig that will give me a few routing and gain-stage options. might be back to a 1202, i guess. if only there were half the channels (and half the size and weight!).


@drehleierguy Thanks for this! I completely missed that this was based in B.C., makes it that much more tempting to order :grinning:

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Not sure if this is admissible.
I needed a way to mix and record my Lorre Mill / Landscape Noon studio corner without taking up too much real estate.
I came up with this.

I mix in Soundstage, which is routed to 2 inputs of my audio interface.
If I need to isolate 1 or 2 elements in the DAW, I can use the second TX 2 which is routed to the next 2 inputs (OK, not connected yet, but they will be in a day or so).
Works for me, I think… We will see.


I just did something even less admissible :slight_smile:
I needed a little mixer for a drum pallet I threw together while my sampler is off getting repaired …but only had some 1U attenuators handy:


I have been thinking a lot about something like a standalone stereo nearness or sounds tage with transformers, really dig this.

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