Minimal theme

Please let me know if you notice display issues with the new theme!

The columns on the right side of the “Suggested Topics” table don’t seem to line up (not sure if that is new). A screen shot is below (from Chrome 41 under Mac OS X 10.10)

When inside a thread, the //// “logo” in the upper left hand corner no longer seems to function as the “back to front page” button…

It refreshes fine when I am on the front page and //////// is displayed.

FWIW the //// “logo” is working for me as a back to front page button.

Can’t find the ads?
…Actually I’m liking the new forum setup so far.

on my laptop it does not work.
will try it on other devices later.

On the minimal theme is there a way to get rid of the badges you earn?

indeed there are some busted elements-- i’ll disable it and keep working.

consider hiding the “users” column on the forum front page for topics? looks really noisy, and doesn’t really add anything UI/information-wise.

there is a heated discussion about this over at discourse:

i agree with most of his points (including your suggestion to remove the crowd of icons). but i’m not in a position to hack css right now-- if any skilled web magicians would like to submit a minimal theme, i’d be happy to put it up. otherwise i’ll get to it down the road.